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3 ways to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer


Everyone is using a smartphone this day, because of the kind of tasks we can accomplish with it. But have you ever wonder why the battery is no longer lasting long as expected.

Maybe because of the activities you carry out with the device, this makes you want to forget about the battery issues.
But the more you keep forgetting about the battery problems the more the battery power storage keeps going down.

  Today am going to show you  three different way to increase your battery storage power
So let get started
1.    Do not allow your battery to run down completely before charging
This is essential because allowing your smartphone battery to run down completely weaken your battery storage power.

With time when this was allowed to continue, the battery will not power your smartphone for the required hour it normally does, or as prescribed in the specification.

The best way to avoid this is to ensure you charge it the moment the battery  storage is less than 20-15% when the smartphone gives you a warning signal if you are not close to a charging point,
you can buy a power bank and keep it handy where ever you go.

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2.    Do not use your smartphone while charging.
Someone will ask why should I not used my phone while charging, while the simple reason is this the charge that will be used to stored in the battery is going to be used to power whatever activity you are carrying out on the smartphone, thereby leaving the battery with no charge to power your device when the charger is remove. And further weaken the battery store power.

This is one of the sure way to destroy your smarthphone battery.

3. Using Doze Battery Saver App
You can check out this on Misstechy blog on how the App work
How doze battery saver app work
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