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8 Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tools


To write a good article a writer has to research his topic from various aspects, and then the ideas, expressions, are churned to make a unique article. It takes lots of hours to write an outstanding post. And when someone just copy pastes it, it’s totally ridiculous!! This act of stealing and publishing the ideas, expressions of other people without citation is called Plagiarism. It is very common disease nowadays.

Not only in blogging but it happens in academic competitions too. Today there are many plagiarism checkers available online. By using them we can keep plagiarism at bay. Also, we can complete the task of plagiarism check within few minutes and have a sigh of relief.
I have also listed some best android apps for bloggers. Hope you are using the apps.

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The Best Plagiarism Checker Websites:

I have mentioned below some online plagiarism checker websites which will help you to know who is copying your hard work. No need to be anxious about plagiarism just use any of the following websites.


1. Small SEO Tools

This online plagiarism checker is free to use.For plagiarism check just copy paste your article and you will get results. Some sentences may be red which indicates plagiarism. You will be shown the web page where it exists. Besides checking plagiarism it has various tools like keyword position, article rewriter etc. One negative point it has word limitation, so if your article is lengthy you will have to use this plagiarism checker couple of times.

2. PlagiarismCheck

To use this plagiarism checker online you’ll have to first register yourself. This site will check your many of your files and that too of any formats. This is the most helpful when we have multiple articles to be checked. This online plagiarism checker will help you by sending you the reports of what it checked.


One more plagiarism checker that is free to use is plagium. Here also you have to simply copy paste and know the results. The free version is quite simple to search. But if you want deep search you will have to pay for its services.

4. PlagScan

No registration is required to use this plagiarism detector tool. Here you will get both options. Either copy paste your article or upload your article of any file format and hit the start analysis. You will get your report. This site is good for teachers, professors.

5. Plagiarisma.net

This site offers 3 ways to check plagiarism online. By copy pasting or simply type the URL or upload any file format. It will offer its services. But this site has some limitations, you get basic searches. For better results, on need to pay the services.

6. Copyscape

To use this online plagiarism checker website simply type the URL of the page and you will get a detailed report about your page. But you cannot check a particular file or a simple article it ONLY checks URL page. This site also gives banners.

7. Duplichecker

Go to this plagiarism checker website and either copy paste your work or upload your file and you will get the plagiarism check done. Apart from checking plagiarism it has many other tools like spell checker, word count etc. This site also provides banner for your blogs.

8. PlagiarismChecker

This site offers free plagiarism check on the web. You can just copy paste and see the results. Alternatively you can also check your web page. its quite simple to use.

Now you are aware with the free plagiarism checker websites and tools. I suggest you to use this websites and tools to keep plagiarism check on our contents. Your contents are your assets. By doing so youll be aware of the pirates of your hard work. And if someone is doing plagiarism you can report about it.

Make sure you use this plagiarism checker websites I have mentioned according to your profession, which meets your requirements. So that you don’t have to wander to check plagiarism on various sites at a time. First use the free services and if you are satisfied by their results you can opt for paid services. Especially if you are a teacher, professor or related with academic field.

If you know some other free plagiarism checker websites or tools please share with me in the comment section.


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