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A-Z of system keyboard shortcut


keyboards shortcuts are ways in which actions are performed using your keyboard, be perform this shortcut are very handing went you want to perform an action quickly and fast.

Almost any commandbe performedwith the mouse can be done with the  keyboard,and the simple way to do this is to hold the control key[ctrl] and press any letter,


here are A-Z system shortcut:
1.CTRL + A  =  To select all items in a document or windows
2.CTRL + B  =  Is to make text bold
3.CTRL + C  = Is to copy a text
4.CTRL + D  =Is to open font dialogue box
5.CTRL + E  = Is to align centre
6. CTRL + F = Is to find a word and replace it with another
7.CTRL + G = Is to go to a text
8. CTRL + H = Is to replace
9.CTRL + I = Is to make text italic
10.CTRL + J = Is to justify or back to normal position or place
11.CTRL + K =Is to insert hyper link
12.CTRL + L = Is to align left
13.CTRL + M = Is to put marging on the ruler
14.CTRL + N =Is to open a new page or document.
15.CTRL + O = Is to open an existing document
16.CTRL + P =Is to print document.
17.CTRL + Q = Is to move line backward.
18.CTRL + R = Is to align right
19.CTRL + S = Is to save a file
20.CTRL + T = Is to put merging down of a rule.
22.CTRL + U = Is to underline a text.
23.CTRL + V = Is to past a text.
24.CTRL + W = Is to close a page.
25.CTRL + X = Is to cut a text.
26.CTRL + Y = Is to redo
27.CTRL + Z = Is to undo work already done [also known as life saver.]


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