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About us

Techarewa blog is the leading technology blog that talks about every technology in northern Nigeria, our aim is to redefined the way people look at technological advancement from this part of the country

Here are our main focal Areas

  • Sharing the stories of what technology startup’s are doing in the ecosystem from in northern Nigeria.
  • Discovering the amazing things student are doing with technology both in hardware and software.
  • Educate our local business in northern nigeria about the importance of online presence in this information age.

Our Main aims are

  • we are aimed at providing content that will help individual use the technology at their disposal to solve social problems.
  • we are looking at ways to bridge the gap that stand between individual building product and ¬†ways in which their works are share on the technology media

The Blogger Behind techarewa blog

Mubarak Aminu is the founder and blogger behind this fast leading technology in Northern  Nigeria, he is an entrepreneur, a WordPress developer and a growth hack strategist.