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For those of you that want to know what i'm all about, Its 10% Microbiologist, 20% Liverpool Fc, 15% Biological Scientist, 50% Tech Enthusiast and 100% reason to remember the Name.

Meet the New Nokia 3310 (2017)

If you were born before the year 2000 there is no doubt you would be familiar with the Nokia 3310, The Indestructible!!!! Nokia has...

Nuvu by Airtel

So I stumbled upon this app while looking for where to download free movies, yeah I do that too. The Nuvu app is a movie/video...

Latest WhatsApp Feature

As many of you may know WhatsApp just add a cool new feature to its popular messaging app. Okay, Many of you don't know...
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Security checklist for window

known this checklist that will let you have maximium control over the security of your computer1.     use action centreThis is the center that you...