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Two Element that Are Essential In Building a Strong Technology Ecosystem

As we are gearing our feet up toward building a strong ecosystem in northern Nigeria, it is very important we understand the two factors that are responsible for the growth of some the biggest technology ecosystem in the world. these element are PARTNERSHIP and MEDIA
Northern Nigeria Startup

Seven Startup From Northern Nigeria Tech Ecosystem

Technology ecosystem is gradually building up with some startup spring up within the northern region, this is something to be proud up as our entrepreneurs and developers are beginning to see the opportunities in technology beyond normal coding for fun. One of our major objective of this blog is to showcase technology startup from northern Nigeria and the amazing things young minds are doing with technology, it is for this reason, we chose to showcase some startup that are solving our pressing problems in the society.
Orbra Mobile

ORBRA: The First Mobile Company In Nigeria.

It quite interesting Nigeria is growing rapidly in technology – I mean IT. Basically people assume the meaning of IT in Nigeria like being...

Payme: Want You to Received Money Through a Link

It pretty good to have PAYME as a member of Nigeria electronic payment option.It is similar to paypal Payme is really simple to use. All you...
demo session at startup arewa event

Four Startup Will Demo At Startup Arewa Event

The maiden edition of Startup Arewa event is starting today, developers, technology startups, bloggers and other media outlet all around the 19 northern state will converge with sole aim of kick-starting the dream of building technology ecosystem we all desired to see.

nHub Partner German Startup Community To Trade Developers Talent

nHub, the first technology hub in Northern Nigeria, has been at the heart of powering innovation not only in Jos, but the North as a whole. It was being reviewed by Techpoint Innovation Tour, that Daser David, founder of nHub, revealed to them, the details of a strategic partnership between nHub and a German startup community — StartupBonn
Publicity stunts for startup's

Startup: These Seven Publicity Stunts Can Make You Grow Very Fast

The publicity stunt is anything that is engineered toward generating large media coverage for a startup, provided you have a product that is in need in the market or somewhat solution that is solving a problem, then trying some of this stunt is worth it. Some people called some of this stunt as unconventional PR, since they don't try to follow the normal way of using PR firm to get media coverage, as a startup founder running on a lean budget, is super effective to run these campaign since it does not cost much in terms of resources.

Three Things You Must Clearly Defined When Pitching Your Startup

Every technology founder will love to be given an audience to speak about his ideas and the problem he is trying to solve, it...

Get Ready, The Techpoint Team will be in kaduna On November 10

Nigerian's authoritative and leading technology blog  will be on a tour to some cities in Northern Nigeria with fast rising technology ecosystem among which...
Northern Tech Ecosystem

How to Build a Technology Ecosystem in Northen Nigeria

Following the visit of  the Facebook founder to Lagos, the heart of Nigeria's technology ecosystem, people are beginning to talk about the validity of...
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