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Five movies every techie must watch

 let talk about movies, yes for the record I seriously love movies and music, so today am going to share with some incredible movies I have watch and as a techie that I am, you know most of my movie will definitely technology related,

so let get started

 1.The 100
This a movie of people of the sky people who think that no human being can survive on earth, until when the send some hundred of their
people who have committed one or two crime to the earth as punishment for their crime there are more this movie than you though

2.Silicon Valley
This is a movie about a life at silicon valley, this movie is a must watch for anyone with an idea and want to want to tech start up.

3.Big bang theory

4.Legend of tomorrow

5. Person of interest.

this is a movie about the artificial intelligence machine, I tell if you watch this movie you will begin to fear for this out generation and AI can do negatively. although there a more positive use of AI also.
These movies can download from 02tvseries.com
Have a nice day ahead.



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