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Are you interested in writing a guest post on this blog, then here are few things to keep in mind, this is a technology
base blog that focus on
* Technology entrepreneurship
* Startup’s
* Digital Marketing
* General news that has to do with discovering opportunity in technology

We accept guest post in the above mention area provided you abide by the under listedĀ guideline
1. You must send us a mail with the topic you want to write
2. Your post must not promote any product and service, if you are interested in promoting your
product, you can get to us through the sponsor post page
3. Your post should only contain one two link,one within the post and the otherĀ in your bio
4. Your post must be free from misspelled, grammatical errors, even though we not everyone in those aspect,
5. Your post must be at least 600 word
6. Your post must be original and offer value to our readers.
7. We may edit you post if the need arises, before publishing it.