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Have an Idea But Can’t Code, Kaduna Startup Hack Weekend is Here For You

Kaduna startup
 Have an idea, but can’t code. This hack weekend is for you too, jam-packed with education, inspiration, networking and prototyping. Are you an aspiring or budding entrepreneur. Start your journey to turn your startup idea into a great company here.
Kaduna Startup Weekend
Kaduna Startup Weekend

This hack weekend is the first of a series of events to take your  idea from ideation to prototype to coding to product development, customer discovery and business development. Go through the link and  Register Here
Here is an overview of sessions for the events
1. Idea submissions on website around topics: health care, education and security (ongoing, this week).
2. Prototype hacking day + API workshop (Sept)
3. MVP/Customer discovery bootcamp
4. Hackathon for education apps (Oct)
5. One day Product development bootcamp
6.Hackathon for healthcare apps (Nov)
7. One day Business development bootcamp
8. Hackathon for security apps over a three month period
9. Demo day for media, consumers and invited investors (local bankers, wealthy relations etc
 Hope to see you  guys at the event


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