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Here is All That Happened at Code Pyramid November Meetup

Code Pyramid November Meetup
Code Pyramid

As the say, A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, at code pyramid we have taken the first step with the hope of building a strong technology ecosystem in Kano.

From having the first meetup with only 15 people in attendance to having about 50 attendees in the second one with a lot of people apologizing for not able to make it to the event, I say we are on the right track.

The November meetup is was a blast filled with a lot of talented minds eager to contribute to the development of the ecosystem here, the meetup started with the arrival of attendees from around 1:30 to 2:00pm, by 2:9pm the event was kicked by me with the welcome address and little talks about code pyramid for those that miss the first meetup was given by Ahmad(thenortherner blog).


The next item on the program of event is about ‘why we need indigenous technology solution’ which is actually coined from the main theme of the meetup.

The hall was a bit silent when the topic was brought to the table but gradually people begin to speak out, Ibrahim from Waifanet Technologies talks about two problems that we need to settle before we talk about the need for indigenous technology solutions which are lack of knowledge and the love for money.

To some extent i agree with him, because our people don’t really know much about IT and if anyone with little skills can easily convenience them, collect the project and at the end messed it up because the core knowledge about the programming was not there in the first and the rush to make money from it, believing me, the is money in IT, if only you can settle yourself and learn the right things at the right time.

Ibrahim provided three ways to solve the above two problems which are Build the Trust, Build the solution, Make the awareness, this way we are building a strong footing for our indigenous technology solution to be patronized by our local market.
One of the coper in our mixes raise the issues of lacking success stories about what some of our developers are doing
within the local industry.
I guess this is a challenge for us running a technology media platform , and we are looking forward to sharing those stories with the community at large.

Abdulkadir talks about the expense of technology solution and usability of it, we all agree with him getting a good software is expensive, but how can we build  it with our local users in mind.

code pyramid
                                                                                                       Code pyramid

Saratu of Xpress kasua links talks about building tech solution that is improves upon every day and believing on our
technology solution, I totally agree with what she said, building a software is about improving on it over time, take a look at some of the big technology company in the world, every now and then the keep on improving their product and tell us it’s an update.

This bring me back to the basic idea of startup since we all want to build a technology ecosystem that consists of startup, it is good we have a clear understanding of what startup are, Startup is basically a business that continuously use technology to solve a problem.

From what we can see, Saratu have said it all, we need to believe in our solution and keep on improving on them and the last point she rises is the issues of how to build things that suit our society.

The next item on the Product and service demo and attendees are allowed that talks about what they are working presently with the house and we have guys working on cold stuff actually.

This is the point where I was marvel with our developers with regard to the next items on the list which is “TOOLS I USE”, we have developers that use react.js, microsoft.net, net beam, notepad++ for those that love to
code from scratch, rapQ, webstorm, CodeIgniter, Zend, larevel, Django frameworks and a whole lot more of them.

Challenges face by techies is the next on program of event, since am the one moderating the whole session, I took the
pleasure of starting with myself, I actually have two to three problems which are content creation, mentorship with regard to back-end programming, and mentorship around building an online technology media platform and i have already seen some of my solution in this hall.
The challenges seem to be similar all round from lack of funds to mentorship and lack of developers using the same technology as raise by Musa Bello.

Abdulrasheed Bakori talks about building the structure around code pyramid and how we can protect our members and their intellectual properties, the responsibility of each of them, and then ways we contribute and get gain something from those contributions.

He actually talks about the angle investing he is doing and the fact that we can do more in attracting more mind
to build the tangible solution that is commercially viable, this way investors can put their money and have a return on investment.

Next of the list of program is informal discussion and networking among members, now this is part I like most
as it allow me to track members that are more experience than me, and tap into them, get them to contribute to the technology media platform that will go a long way in growing the technology ecosystem in general.

20 min was allocated for that, the CEO of Motion Picture was given the floor, he talks about what he has observed from the session and his advice to the group in general, he actually commended us for taking the giant step in starting this group, it’s something that most of them that are experienced in the sector did not see and talk advantage of it, and we see it because we are the young minds that need to change the ways things are done with technology over here.

We have the senior special assistant to the governor on ICT in our mixes and he was given the floor to talks about what the government have for us in ICT section, and he talks about the ICT roadmap that was developed at the last National Executive Councils meeting on ICT and promise to distribute that resolution made at the NEC meeting so that members can build their the solution with the road map guidelines in mind.

Finally Mal. Abdulkadir of Motion Pictures give a closing remark and less I forget he has contributed immensely in seeing the November meetup was a success, thank you sir.



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