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Highlight On Trainings And Events That Happened In Colab


COLAB:The first kaduna Innovation Hub and Co-Working space has started housing some innovative training for free, which is quite interesting.

We all know that trainings in Nigeria is what we use our money to register so that we can be able to attend, Colab decided to help people outside there with the privilege of attending their trainings for free. Kudos to Colab for this incredible move.


7th December 2016, Digital marketing training powered by Google took place in Colab. The invited Guest elaborated the basics of Digital marketing, which am really impressed with it.

It did not stop there, Colab also announced that, the digital marketing training will be happening every Wednesday of this month for this year as continuation for the first class. For those who missed the first class, this an opportunity to attend the next class next Wednesday.


8th December 2016, Content Creation class took place in Colab. The speakers  during the class were the Founder of Colab (Sanusi Ismaila) and  Ellen Johnston.

Both of them elaborated the introduction and  basics of content creation. The founder of Colab also announced that the event will still come up once again this month, which is 22 of December 2016.For those that were not opportune to attend the previous class ,here it go for you to attend the next class.


Lastly, Colab created a Downtime for everybody and it happens every Saturday.


“Downtime is dedicated to unwinding after a long week. We’ll have game consoles for FIFA, PES, and a couple of other games (feel free to bring yours if you can), board games (scrabble, monopoly, chess, etc). We’ll also have a book club, spoken word. etc. We might also stream a few football matches and stuff like that.

It’s random, but it will be fun. We believe playing hard is a fundamental part of life, so we are making play also a core feature of the CoLab community”




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