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Highlight from Startup Arewa Event

Starup Arewa Highlight

The event was fruitful as it was attended by a total of about 300 participants from all the 19 northern state, with 15 groups engaging in the hackathon.

Starup Arewa Highlight
Starup Arewa Highlight


The day started up with the arrival and registration of participants, after which the introduction and opening
of the startup clinic and the hackathon which is center around developing solutions for agriculture.
Participants were group base on similar ideas and skill, the whole hackathon session was coordinated by
Yusuf Bashir and Kossi Selom Beneybah of code4africa.

startup arewa code4africa
Yusuf Bashir of Code4africa and Opeyemi of                                Young innovators

The first presentation was made by MD/CEO of Anthill capital and the title of the presentation is ‘Startup Financing (Options and How)’, this session really spark the audience, the Q and A session was
wonderful and interesting questions from the audience.


The lunch break was observed by 1pm.

By 3:30pm, the hall was filled, the second presentation was set to begin by Mr.Bankole of Enpire hub and Founder of
network of incubators and innovator in Nigeria, the title of the presentation is  ‘Startup Growth Strategies
(creation of minimum viable product)’ after which the Q and A session follows.


At this point, the boot camp has ended for the day and the hackathon have started, participant setup and form their group space, challenges,judging criteria was discussed within the team and also room for questions and answer were allowed.

By 7pm, day one of startup arewa event was called to an end.

Day Two

The day begins with the registration of participants, the coordinating team for the hackathon check each of the team and see how far they have gone from yesterday to this morning, from there each of the hackathon team continue working on their project.

By 11am, the code masterclass session begins and was co-ordinated by Dr.Ladan Aliyu, Ali Kone, Kossi Selom Baaneybah from code4africa and Bashir Yusuf.

At 12:30pm the code master class is over and hackathon continues with each team gear up to implement what they have learned from the code masterclass into their project.

2:30pm was the time for hackathon team status update, the hackathon co-ordinating team want to know the progress bar of each of the team.

6pm was time for submission of the final project and presentation to the panel of judges, after what the hackathon ends to mark the end of day two.


Day Three
Day Three

This is the final day and participants were seen in the same shirt of startup arewa which indicate a sign of unity among them, with excitement in their faces and optimizing that their team will come first eventually when the result of the hackathon was announced.

Between 8:30 to 10:30, the invited guest and dignitaries were all seated, and the welcome address was given by Dr. Ibrahim B. Dauda, After which the representative of the Kaduna state governor in person of Hafiz Bayero, senior special adviser to the governor on youth employment, he delivers the governor’s goodwill message to the organizers and participants.

Representative of the state Governor at the event

10:30am the welcome address was given by initiator and founder of startup arewa, people called him the Jega of tech
and Lagos people called the Arewa Tech Mafia, in person of Muhammad Jega

Founder Startup Arewa, Muhammad Jega, the Tech Mafia
Founder Startup Arewa, Muhammad Jega, the                              Arewa Tech Mafia


By 11am, the power talks was on, with like of Dr. Bashir Yusuf, Dr.Dikko Radda MD SMEDAN, Dr.Shittma and others, the power talk was moderated by Bashir Yusuf of code4africa.



12Pm was the time for the first set of startup demo,  Aminu Bakori pitch the amazing Cloudiora OS and second startup is sellorrent.com.ng




At exactly 12:30pm, the first presentation was delivered by Mr.Bankole with title ‘Why Innovation needs growth champions.’

Mr. Bankole of Enpire Hub

Second set of startup demo, Mustapha Ibrahim presented Kadamall, an online shopping platform, and second startup presented is mobile vehicle license.

The second set of power talk set and discussants include Rislan Abdulaziz- Head of ICT, Baze university, Adamu Auwal Gene- Head of software Dev ABU, Ibrahim Maigari Ahmadu- CEO Mobile MD, Alkassim Abdulkadir was the moderator for this session.



The third set of startup demo was on, Farida, CEO of OTRAC present an online medical platform called octrac and the second startup is  mypady.com.ng, an online e-commerce platform.

Farida of Otrac
Farida of Otrac

The straigh talk was presented with founder of BDHub hiting it hard on the realities of running a startup and what is expected of you as a founder.



3:00pm was time for lunch.

4:00Pm was time for the women in tech to come on and do their thing, the discussants include Aminu Sambo, Head of ICT unit EFCC, Maryam Lawan Gwadabe- CEO Blusappie, Nasira Zubair- CEO Virtual Agent, Amb Mrs. Aisha Emeje – Founder A3 Foundation, and Mrs. Haruna Yabani MD ATV.

The Moderator for this session is moderated by Bara’atu Nasidi of jaruma.net, the whole discussion was center around how women can actively participate in the technology ecosystem.

Women in Tech
Women in Tech

Finally, the moment where all participants were waiting for is here, Yusuf Bashir and Kossi Selom Beneybah came on stage to announce the final result of the hackathon, the hall was silent with a deep breath taken moment as the result was announced.

The result of the hackathon is as follows from the fourth position to the first
4. Kona Maps
3. Farmers Market
2. Poultry Liter
1. Farm Manager
The first three position will go with 150000 Naira for the team.


Impact direction for startup arewa is heading to Jagawa (the silicon valley of northern Nigeria), and vote of thank
is given by Bara’atu Nasidi.

Startup Arewa Next Bus Stop is Jigawa
Startup Arewa Next Bus Stop is Jigawa


  1. Nice read. I am happy such a great event is coming from this part of the world. Weneed more of things like this.
    BTW, admin check your popup form. It pops up without an option for closing on mobile phones.

    • Martins thank for that observation, i will look into it and correct it.
      we need to stop depending on government for jobs and start creating jobs for ourselves, technology
      is a great enabler in that aspect.


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