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Inside Startup :Offkrent Want student to book hostel with 100% assurance


People should not serve technology, but rather technology should be used to serve people, were the words of Jack Ma, Chairman of Alibaba Group. This is evident in the way technology has been used to make life easier either at home or abroad.

In Nigeria, over the past 5 years, the trend in the adoption of technology in day to day life have seen a tremendous coverage that saw the birth of great companies like Jumia, Konga, Jobberman, Cheki, Suregifts, Payant hotels.ng and lots more.
One question that comes to mind is; when will technology come to the rescue of Nigerian students in the area of renting off campus hostel? The answer to this question emerges when off ‘k’ rent, a company that allows students to book off campus hostel with 100% assurance and safety, was founded.

In a news report gathered by Techarewa from the co-founder and CEO, Mr. Tope Alao, who highlighted the solutions the company has developed to help solve student hostel problem across the country.
Using our website, students can book and pay for their hotel with 100% assurance and safety. We primarily serve as an intermediary between student and estate managers, by making sure that no one gets defrauded in the booking process.

When a student makes payment for the hostel on our website, we hold the money until they get the key from the estate manager.

Only when both parties agree on the booking, do we release the money. This, we think will help protect the student from being defrauded and make the best possible choice available to them” Mr. Tope said.
The story of how the founder came about this idea was inspiring, and he share this with us in the interview
‘During my undergraduate days, I was faced with the challenge of finding my choice off campus hostel.

Some of the challenges I faced include Estate agents asking for consultancy fee for a hostel I have not seen, losing money to Fraudsters, walking several kilometers in search for hostel and lots of other challenges.

Having gone through this tough experiences, I am now committed to helping students with the process of getting their off-campus hostel in a much easier and safer way. This is why we created off ‘k’ rent, after a long journey of researching the pains and needs of students in terms of getting off campus hostel.

With our website, students of any institution can now get their hostel online anywhere off campus with 100% safety for their money.
At offkrent, we believe student accommodation is part of the learning experience’.


  1. We connect students to their choice hostel by providing them with booking solution that allow them to book hostel online with 100% booking assurance. Our flexible payment option allow students to make payment for their hostel online without having to visit the bank. Students can book hostels of any kind; Single Room, Self Contain (Dorm Room), Flats and A Room and Parlour of varying prices. We put the renting power in the hand of students giving them the choice to choose and decide. Our priority is to make sure that when student book hostel on our website, they are sure of their booking and are safe from fraud.


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