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Kadamall to Change the Shopping Experience of Kaduna Residence


kadamall is the first and leading e-commerce platform in kaduna  State Nigeria, with the aims of redefining online shopping experience of  kaduna residence.



Mubarak Aminu of Techarewa Media had a chat with the Founders.

here is the discussion.

 Mubarak: hello, please can you tell us about you in brief?

Mustapha: My name is Mustapha Ibrahim the CEO of kadamall, i graduated from Kaduna polytechnic with HND in microbiology and i have a post graduate diploma in microbiology from Kaduna state university.

CEO kadamall
Mustapha Ibrahim CEO kadamall

Ahmad: My name is Ahmad Inuwa, the co-founder of kadamall, i have BSc. Computer science, also am currently running  my masters  in computer science, i also have a diploma in technology entrepreneurship.

Ahmad Inuwa co-founder kadamall by the Left

Mubarak: Why did you choose to start an e-commerce platform in Kaduna and not Lagos ?

Mustapha: Basically why we start an e-commerce platform in Kaduna is because we saw a loop hole and lacuna in the services offered by other e-commerce companies, so we decided to based our model on same day delivery for people in kaduna state, which is what most of them are clamoring for,they want to order their products today and get them as soon as possible, and that is what kadamall bring to them.


Mubarak: Did you feel like quitting at any point in time ?

Ahmad:Definitely as a startup it is not easy, there are moments you feel like quitting, but when you remember your idea, the passion you have for it, it is always important to start something that you are passionate about, because it is that passion  that drives you and gives you courage and motivation to sail through the extra mile in making sure the ideas are  been translated into a product.

Mustapha: There were a lot of time we really felt like quitting, there are reason why that happens, because we started small, in terms of capital we are struggling, but through the grace of god, we have pass through a bit of that period, it’s not like we have it totally, but we are doing a bit well, i believe the motivation of doing well will make us go further and not quitting.

Mubarak: How was the journey so far since you started kadamall ?

Ahmad: They say the journey of thousand miles begins with a step and we have taken that step, we are yet to see how far it will go.

Mustapha: The journey has not been smooth, because we started at a time when the country is facing economic downfall, also most people have little strength in buying power, we really had issues base on when the dollar was high and people were not buying things, vendors were complaining about fluctuation in prices, but the journey is becoming smooth, now that people are beginning to know the brand, you know brand place is one thing every startup need to do, you need to place your brand well, through this you can scale the hurdle of people knowing you.

meeting with kadamall


Mubarak: As a Startup, What are the difficulties faced in Kaduna  ?

Ahmad: There are a lot of opportunities in Kaduna, but not everybody has the ability to find them and fully take advantage of them, startup in Kaduna are having hard time financing their startup, people are always skeptical when it comes to dealing with startup in Kaduna and also the cost of running a business in Nigeria generally is high, because of electricity problem and also lack of platform that can provide mentorships, incubation and such facilities that help startup to grow fast.

Mustapha: The challenges that are faced as a startup in Kaduna is securing capital, not many institution in Kaduna are ready to give loans or funds a startup, we had the opportunity of been among the Kaduna state government kadstep program, where we got a little knowledge on how to run a business, but unfortunately we didn’t access the loan, that was due personal reasons, the program gives an insight on how to source for money and the rest.

Second challenges you will face is how to get the market to know you and your brand, the third challenges is sustainability, this is the same everywhere not only in Kaduna.



Mubarak:  In your own view how do you think we can build a strong technology ecosystem in the northern Nigeria?

Ahmad: It has to do synergy, in the whole of northern Nigeria, there are startup, we have to find a way of having platform were they can share their experience, resources and also we have to reorient the way people think in northern Nigeria, we have to find a way of creating awareness and enlighten the people the advantages of leveraging on ICT for development.

Most of the things we outsource are service that can be done here, our people need to patronize what we are doing here for it to grow.


 Mustapha: To build a strong ecosystem in northern Nigeria, some initiative has to begin, already some have started, like the Kaduna startup weekend, the transparency hackhaton that was carried out by BudgetIT in COLAB, the COLAB itself is another initiative that is very nice for startup’s in northern Nigeria, there is also an event coming up called Startup Arewa, such avenues and events can be utilized in other to build this ecosystem in northern Nigeria.




Also the government should invest more in such initiative so as to build the tech ecosystem which i Believe is the future of every developing nation, technology is where the future is.

Mubarak: What is your advice for techpreneurs ?

Ahmad: Don’t hide your ideas, don’t be afraid that someone will steal it, chances are somebody is already thinking of that ideas and trying on working to see it has come to reality.

Talk to people about the ideas, see how you can make it better, see how you can collaborate, find co-founders, people are passionate about that thing you are trying to do, i think it is very important.

Find something you are passionate about.

Mustapha: My advice for anyone that wants to build a tech startup is to have a business plan,

Target goals, good marketing plan and solid team that share the same passion with you, having this will make your startup go higher before blink of an eye.




Mubarak: Where did you see kadamall in the next five years ?

Ahmad: I see us far away from where we are right now, I see us doing a lot of things and becoming one of the top e-commerce platforms in Nigeria in the next five years.

Mustapha: Our focus has been on long term development, we didn’t have it in our plan that we want to start today and become the best e-commerce platform in northern Nigeria or Nigeria as a whole, our long term focus is to build a platform and be one of the best in northern Nigeria.

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The next three or four years we want to see ourselves competing with bigger e-commerce platform which are already existing in Nigeria, the market share for e-commerce is very large, i believe there is a market for everyone and we still need more e-commerce platform to come up in order to meet up the demand of the population, in five year time i hope we will be stable enough and be doing things that major e-commerce platform are doing, but for now, we are far from what we want to achieved.



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