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One Single Factor That Making Many Nigerian Internet Marketers Broke

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Over the years I have seen how so many people preach the magic system of work two hours and make 5000 USD or more a day working from home.

Many young and vibrant youth are falling for this cheap marketing strategy, just for the aim of getting out the current lack of jobs in labor market, and some are basically doing this in order to get rich quick without stress.

One thing that seems to amaze me is the fact whenever you come in contact with this internet marketer,the will instantly persuade you to buy their ebooks claiming it has all the tricks and strategy to make it fast online.

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why are they not using the strategy in the book to make the huge amount of money they claim but instead choose to sell it for a token, knowing fully well that many of our desperate youth will rush to buy it, all in the quest for to make it quick money without stress.

This brought me to the post for today which one single factor that makes many of our internet marketers broke and frustrated.the single the factor is basically ‘lack of Patience.’

The other day, a fellow blogger wrote a post with the “title 99% of Nigeria internet marketer are broke”and within the lines of the post, I discover one thing which is the lack of patience among them.
if you can go Nigerians number online forum ” NAIRALAND ” and head to the webmaster or business section, you will find some thread created by someone introducing a web design service for five thousand or newly adsense account for sell at a price the tag of two thousand.

What does that tell you ?

Patience is what is lacking among many of us and all these is as a result of lack of understanding of how the internet works, often most of us think that the internet business is different from offline, but let me tell you, the rules of business are the same for both offline and online business. produce something that adds value in terms of product or service and people who are in need of your service will gladly pay for it.

Find a problem, solve it and see if people that have that problem will not pay for.

internet business is not a quick rich scheme, you have to invest both your time, money and other resources, if you are really serious about making money online.

Ask any online entrepreneur about his journey and you will be shocked by his revelation of struggle he when through, the have invested turns of hours of hard and smart work before they get to where they are today, even with all the success, the still don’t relearn on their effort.

Stop buying all those blueprints that promise to make you rich overnight on the internet, focus on how you will strategy and deliver value to your target audience, with patience, smart work and the shear bit of luck you can go to where ever you wish to go with your online business.
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As you are starting out or already in the business, Do the right things at the right time not matter how hard it is, sometimes procrastination will set in and you will like to give up, but remember people have done this before you, and who said you cannot do it, it all in your mind, continue pushing eventually you will survive.



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