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ORBRA: The First Mobile Company In Nigeria.

Orbra Mobile
Orbra Mobile

It quite interesting Nigeria is growing rapidly in technology – I mean IT. Basically people assume the meaning of IT in Nigeria like being a programmer, designer, networking etc. But I will tell you IT is far beyond that.

In our research we came across an interesting product that is been done here in Nigeria. I will tell you it’s real not an exaggeration .It will shock you that Nigeria has an electronic device factory that produces Smartphone’s, tablet, fitness tracker and power bank e.t.c.

ORBRA mobile devices are makers of a range of electronic devices including Smartphone’s, power banks, tablet PCs wearable’s and VR headsets for Nigerians. The self-proclaimed “Nigerian Mobile Device” has been around for a while. Orbra mobile is located in the heart of Abuja city. The brain behind these entire product  is a Nigerian by name Ololade Otayemi.

Orbra Mobile

Brief History About The Founder

Ololade Otayemi  is one of Nigeria’s youngest entrepreneurs. He is an I.T. expert, a strategist, a nation builder and a motivational speaker. He got his passion for technology from  his dad who is a technology innovator. He was the first Nigerian to create sound operated bulbs and street light automated switching system.

How he started having interest in IT “well I grew up with a father that is a technologist and an innovator as well.

I remember when I was young then, on our corridor at home we had this clap operated bulbs and then we had it in some other places in the house where if we wanted to turn off the light all you had to do was clap or you snap your fingers. Make any sound and then the lights will come up. We had so many innovative things like that in the house then. At some point in secondary school he made a lamp for me that also use the same technology.

Orbra Mobile

Sometime towards the end of my secondary school, he was working on a project where we created a system or a device that automatically turns on streets lights when its evening and turns them off when its morning. I think that was what built my brains to be inclined in this direction.

So, how I started basically, I started out in Lagos in 2010 where I created or rather I did some research on how I could produce devices like this because I’ve always wanted to do that since I was child.

So after carrying out my research, I discovered that we don’t have the technology in Nigeria so I had to outsource the job to another factory outside the country.

So the factory created some sets for me that if I see them today I wouldn’t really be proud that I did something like that, but then I was really happy that I did it because that was an eye opener for me and I learnt a lot from that.

I made these devices; I made thirty (30) at that time and saw that it was nice. We sold the thirty (30) in less than two (2) weeks; the market moved well and we saw that it was nice.

So that was basically how I started. From there I started trying to get investors, people that will invest in the business- lets expand, let’s make better products and all that.

I got a lot of people that promised and failed, I got a lot of people that made me feel “oh, you’re doing great”. I got a lot of people that made me feel “why are you wasting your time”, but I still kept on at what I was doing. I wasn’t discouraged because I saw the big picture; I saw where I was going too”.

He has organized several youth empowerment trainings such as Project Affiliate (a network marketing seminar for students), W.D.M.E. (a web development training). He has spoken at several youth empowerment seminars motivating thousands of youths to become the best they can be.

How ORBRA Got Started In Nigeria.

Orbra was officially established  in 2009, but the whole hardware / mobile division started in 2011 .In a statement  he said what motivated him to have an  idea of producing  Smartphone’s and tablet was that, there was a day he needed to buy a gadget and the only place to get that  in Lagos was computer village.

“I entered computer village and I saw an  iPad sold for over N120,000 ($600) and a BlackBerry playbook that went for N150,000 ($750). I couldn’t afford it and it was when I began to think about many people like me who wanted the same but couldn’t afford it at the prohibitive pricing.

So I thought I’d find a way to make tablets cheaper. I met a guy who had a brother outside the country, so we contacted him and he helped visit the factory who made the first Orbra tablet. We sold it for N30,000 and we had just 30 units. We sold all in less than two weeks even though the device wasn’t very fantastic specs wise and didn’t have a name. So I thought okay, I can do this better and that was how Orbra Mobile Devices started”.

Orbra Mobile
Orbra Mobile

In statement the founder divulges that the products are designed in Nigeria, hardware is assembled in China. Software and Packaging are done here in Nigeria. We are working with some partners and stakeholders to bring our factory to Nigeria. That should be concluded before the end of 2016.

Currently Ololade Otayemi heads the Orbra team that is made up of 6 people; 4 full time staff and two programmers working remotely.

Pictorial Views Of Some Of The Product Been Done By ORBRA Mobile Device.

inferno_2main inferno_2_web

eve22 e02-sport-bluetooth-bracelet-smart-watch-silicone-wristband-time-caller-id-alarm-pedometer-sleep-monitor-for-e1434112097454 avalanche_new3


According to him , the initial challenge for Orbra was funding because producing hardware is extremely financial intensive. Also people discourage him at the initial stage.

The most challenges he faced was electricity power supply and it will be resolve soon by using wind farm and solar panel for the factory.

Here are the pieces of advice I have for Nigerians, I know we have a penchant for choosing foreign consumer goods over our local product. Here it is, ORBRA mobile has done a great job by subsidizing the fee to get a gadget from other country in an expensive price.

Shop with them by clicking here ORBRA




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