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Reason Why You Must Start Content Marketing Campaign

The landscape of digital marketing is rapidly changing, more and more business are beginning to diversify their marketing strategy by focusing on the must effective ones in order to cut cost. In this digital age, people are more interested in the information that the can use to make a better decision on their daily life, content marketing is a super effective way to provide such information.

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In this post, I will provide you with three reasons why you must content marketing campaign

 Long Term Investment
Ever wonder why many startups have blog as a side project apart from their core product and what make AOL buy Techcrunch, you might be thinking of promoting their product, this is true,
but they are more to this than what meet the eye, content marketing is one of the few marketing channels you can invest in and have long term benefits to you and your business
you don’t need necessary have to write sponsor post, contribute your worth of experience in form of articles and other info graphics to a greater good of the ecosystem, just as successfully founder like jason njoku and  mark essien are doing.
if you look at them, they don’t necessary write about what the do, but the articles the have been writing in their early day is still have a long term impact on them .

 Search Engine Optimization
Content marketing and search engine optimization works hand in hand to some extent because search engines like fresh and compelling content that add value to it readers, you see this is another reason why you must start content marketing today, there are hundred of blogs and other media outlet that will gladly accept your articles if it has some certain value it can offer to their audience.
imagine you write some articles on certain burning issues within the ecosystem that are published on the major tech blog and every time someone makes a search on the blog topic your article show up, this alone will go a long way to boost your reputation.
This has brought us to the last point.

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You Will Be Recognize As An Authority In Your Field
Again look at the like of Mark Essien and Jason, dispersed the success the recorded at their startup, the articles the wrote in the early day has played a great role in their early days, at this point they are regarded as major players in the ecosystem.once you committed some time to writing articles on some blogs like ours, and other,your reputation will increase over time and soon people will begin to see you as an authority in your field.
this alone will have a boost on your startup, if your startup is in the travels space, start contributing the article to travel blogs and see how it goes from there.
like one of my mentors says writing clears your vogue, though. content is king and soon or later it will take over and replace online advertising.
I hope this post will make start content marketing, your comment is always welcome, relay them in the comment box below.



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