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Seven Startup From Northern Nigeria Tech Ecosystem

Northern Nigeria Startup
Northern Nigeria Startup

Technology ecosystem is gradually building up with some startup spring up within the northern region, this is something to be proud up as our  entrepreneurs and developers are beginning to see the opportunities in technology beyond normal coding for fun.

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One of our major objective of this blog is to showcase technology startup from northern Nigeria and the amazing things young minds are doing with technology, it is for this reason, we chose to showcase some startup that are solving our pressing problems in the society.

As we all know we are in a society that majority of us our don’t believe in technology, it really takes courage and determination to building a startup, which is why we must  say thumb up for those innovation minds that taking the challenge and build a startup.

Here are Seven  startup from northern Nigeria technology ecosystem.

1. Friendstie
Friendstie Concept is a Nigerian based technology company that designs, builds and sell custom computer software and online services that help in addressing problems faced by individuals and businesses around the world.

The startup is base in zaria, it has software like the friendstie EMS enterprise management software for small, medium and large-scale businesses, text only social networking platform and amazing cloudiora OS,

2. SellOrRent
Are you thinking of coming back home and can’t seem to find any where to buy a house before you return, then
sellOrRent is here to ease the stress of having to called someone at home to help secure a house before you arrive.

The platform allow you to search for house that are available for rent or sell, so if you are a situation
where you only want to rent a house, this platform offered such features.
This startup is base in kaduna.
3. kadamall
Kadamall want to bring the online shopping experience closer to the people of kaduna and it environs, with it
pay on delivery and same day delivery , this startup is on way to disrupt the traditional way people shop for
items in the market.


They serve a retail customer base that continues to grow exponentially, offering products that span various categories including Phones, Computers, Clothing, Shoes, Home Appliances, Books, healthcare, Baby Products, personal care and much more.

ASUSU is an alternative financing product of sufter international limited with the aim of helping people buy
things and pay in installments, it is alternative financing platform.


So if you are the kind of person that like paying for service and product in installment,then asusu is here as it provides you with the better option of saving your money and paying for good and service at your own shedule.

5. Aboki
Aboki.ng is startup base in kano that allow you to list your properties for sell on their platform, you can
called  it a classified ads startup.
From the website, I can see the have variety of product for sale ranging from home appliances to electronics
and washing machine but I will say the founders need to really work on the platform and increase the content on the site.

6. myQ

MyQ is a road travel startup that want you to book your ticket for your road travel before you get to the garage.
MYQ is a mobile application that provides queue management, passenger loading and ticketing service to the
transport industry.

Currently, the startup is in partnership with Kaduna state road transport authority(KSTA), SSTA,  kano line,
Gombe line, Abia line and other transport agency and companies across the country in order to achieve this tasks of simplifying the way we travel by road.
The startup won the seedstar Lagos, 2015.

7. Logical Address
Logical address is Jos base startup that is solving physical address challenges in Nigeria, it enable authorities
to provide and deploy emergency and security service against calamity.

logical Address
logical Address

The startup has come at the right time when Nigerians are falling in love for with online shopping and their product deliver to their doorstep, the logical address will go a long way in simplifying the way e-commerce startup locate their customers and deliver their product.
The are many startup from this part and we are looking forward to share the work the are doing on this platform.
i will like to hear from you about this startup’s, like what do you think of them and what are do you think the need to improve in order to grow fast to the point of scaling their business.



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