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Startup: These Seven Publicity Stunts Can Make You Grow Very Fast

Publicity stunts for startup's
Publicity stunts

The publicity stunt is anything that is engineered toward generating large media coverage for a startup, provided you have a product that is in need in the market or somewhat solution that is solving a problem, then trying some of this stunt is worth it.

Some people called some of this stunt as unconventional PR, since they don’t try to follow the normal way of using PR firm to get media coverage, as a startup founder running on a lean budget, it is super effective to run these campaign since it does not cost much in terms of resources.

It is very important to set out your goal for each of this campaign when trying to execute anyone of them, as this will give ideas on how to measure the success of it in the long run.
This publicity stunt is dependent on the stage of your startup, knowing fully well that you will not spend much of your resource,this calls for your time in generating ideas on how to execute this publicity stunt that will be hugely successful for your startup.

Publicity stunts for startup's
Publicity stunts for startup’s

I remember seeing a photo of Mark Essien of hotel.ng on a Donfo bus with his team, this is an example of publicity stunt, although I don’t know if that campaign was successful or not, overall publicity can propel your startup to national recognition in an instant of time and increase sales.

Here is the Seven Publicity that can turn the grow of your startup if executed successfully
1. Viral Videos
This is one of viral marketing tactics and many startup’s have used it to grow to an incredible height that you can never imagine, these startup’s  include the likes of dropbox.

Details planning is very important for this kind of publicity stunt, bring all your team put them in a brainstorming session that is gear toward generating ideas that will lead to the successful execution of this public stunt.

Some startup’s  have their founder on their video explaining how to used their product , just as in the case of blendtec’s CEO in their video title ‘will it blend’ explaining how their blend works.
Your can actually look at the current trends in the industry and come up with a creative video that actually spotlight what your startup do.
This stunt can be carried out by any stage of the startups, not minding the stage of the company.
2. Suprised gift
This is suited well for startup’s in their early day, as this will go a long way to ensuring lasting relationship with your
early users who will at the end be your startup evangelist that share the story of your startup through word of mouth.
Although this required careful planning, especially with the choice of the kind of gift you indent to give, startup’s who
adopt this stunt usually give out something that will continue to remain the user of their brand, you can use T-shirt with your startup logo and some custom tags that is specific to that user.
Some startup carried out this campaign by rewarding their early customer, while other reward anyone that make mention of them on social media, any strategy you adopted will depend on the aims and goals you want to achieve with the campaign.
Now this stunt should be carried out when users are beginning to get used to your product, this is the point where you want to build a community around the startup, a contest can achieved it instantly if executed in the right way.
Again I cannot stress the importance of planning and strategy toward this stunt, sit with your team and brainstorm on the how to go about it, the reward a user get for winning the contest, and most importantly how to chose the way will a winner is gotten,

Will other users be the once to choose who win the contest or is going to an in-house judging to determine the winner, this should be figured out right in the planning stage, as this alone can make or break the success of the stunt.
Everyone loves freebies and giveaways, organize it in such a way that makes people want to share your product with others.

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5. Celebrate National Days With Your Users
You can set out and celebrate the nation public holiday with the users of your product, this will go along ways
in creating that mutual bond with them, and made them have a felling that you care.
Celebrate children day with kids in your offices, allow users to bring along their children on this day, come and
have a feel of your awesome office’s space and have a small get together with them.

If it is world diabetes or HIV day, arrange with medical professional and have a free test for the sickness, the free test should be carried out in your office and have something to give every participant that come for the test like a stick or it could be anything that will increase your brand awareness.
When executing this campaign, ensure you have an enough of publicity, as will largely determine the success of the campaign.

6.Customer Support and Testimonies
I cannot stress the important of customers support for you in this digital age, once you costumer support is good, people by default will evangelize your product both on social media and offline platforms.
It’s very important you strategically plan and get testimonies from direct user of your product, and place them on the
site and on your social media handles.

7. Suprise Visit a Loyal Users.
I think the first person that order a product on konga online shopping platform, has his product delivered by the CEO sim shagaya(former CEO), now what does tell you.
Whether you are just starting out or you are already in business, carry out this surprise visit will boost your brand in no time, plan it well and scheduled your time for this kind of surprise visit.


These seven publicity stone can boost you startup growth as it has be tested by other startup in other part of the world, i was surprise to see that  many Nigerian startup don’t utilize them, maybe the are afraid the tactics will not work for Nigerian users, but you can tweak it to serve Nigerian audience, the Nigerian way.

if you have used any of this stunts, please share your experiences with us in the comment box below.


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