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Technology Startup is Hard, But is There Any Other Option


Starting a technology company  might be seen as something that must graduate that are techie will fancy, actually at the beginning it could be good from thinking how your idea can change the world and disrupt the traditional way of doing things


The moment you start building your product hacking code day and night, you will begin to see how really how hard it is to build a tech startup company, it something that you need to think deep through and ensure you have the passion for what you are building i.e a passion that makes you think that this product that you are building is your calling in this world.

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This kind of passion will make you stay awake through the night building it, and time when everyone has given up on the idea, you need to be aware of some of the challenges facing Nigerian startup such poor electricity, slow internet connectivity, and constant changes in government policy,

With this in mind, it up to you to put your thinking cap and come up with a creative and innovative way to solve this challenges in relation to your start up and set out some measured to quickly adjust to changes in government policies.

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There are other things you need to do throughout your startup journeys such as learning from every piece of advice given by experienced entrepreneur in the ecosystem and constantly staying up to date with current trend in the technology ecosystem my following some top technology blog such as techacabal.com, techpoint.com, and Techarewa.com

, Hackathon Event
Hackathon Event

Startup is hard but the only option to stick to it no matter the storm, because hard things do not break you, but it make you stronger and constantly believing in what you are doing even everyone is telling to give up on it, you never know your breakthrough might be tomorrow.

Alway trust your guts and do what it’s tells you, even if you fail, at least you have to try and you can learn from it and move on

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