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Three Things You Must Clearly Defined When Pitching Your Startup


Every technology founder will love to be given an audience to speak about his ideas and the problem he is trying to solve, it is not every time that you get these chance to pitch your startup, so what can you do to make sure you make the maximum use of the available time at your disposal to pitch your startup to an audience I.e industry expert, early adopters and investors.

Today, the post is focus on sharing with you three things you must clearly define when pitching your startup to an audiences, I have seen so many people pitch what the are working on, but at the end of the pitch I begin to ask myself if I was able to get what they are trying to explain, this is as a result of the clumsy nature of the pitch the present before us.

Some people see this as an opportunity to start pouring what ever ideas that pops up in their head thus making your listener get lost while trying to understand what you are saying.
During this period of your pitching, you must focus on clearly defining these three things to your audience

* The problem
* The solution
* The target market

* The Problem
Every startup has a problem they trying to solved. what is the problem, clearly state the problem to your audience, be straight forward and stop beating around the bush, state the problem at the beginning of your pitch will make your  audience where you are heading to.


* The Solution
After stating the problem, the next on your list should be the solution to it, this is where you clearly explain the ideas
of the solution, this is why it is very important to have a problem before idea of the solution.
At this point you should drop your unique selling proposition and what your product is offering that is different of other in the market, then at the end of this section of pitch focus on explain the benefit a users stand to get when they use your product.


* The Target Market
When you are pitching to investors or anyone, clearly defining your ideal target market will give an added advantage, your product is definitely not going to serve every one in the market and am sure you must have done your home work in determining who are your target audience and the market size of your product.

In all, no matter the reason for your pitch, be it pitching for investment or looking for advice in term of growth, these factors must be clearly define.

I bet you don’t want to have such an opportunity and waste due to clumsy nature of your pitch, focus on these
thing and I bet you will be glad you did.

Before I  go, what other things do you think is worth mentioning during your pitch ?


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