Home computer maintenance Top 5 signs of hardware conflict errors and how to resolves it

Top 5 signs of hardware conflict errors and how to resolves it


This sign can be very heartbreaking especially when you want to used your computer with the new hardware you just install, these signs are
1.     System locks up during installation.
2.     Previously added component may not work after the installations of the new component.
3.     System locks up during the initialization of a particular software application.

4.     A particular device generates beep sound.
5.     The newly added component does not function well.
The best and fastest way to resolve this conflict between hardware components is to remove the newly added device, in the window base operating system, device manager is the utility which tells you about the used system resources of a particular hardware.
If you observe a red or yellow symbol on particular device driver, I indicate that something is wrong with that device. You need to uninstall that device and re-install the device again with a correct driver, window plug and play features find the newly attached and compatible devices and install the driver for it, if the window is unable to provide the device driver, you will need to select the location of the driver.


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