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Two Important factor to Consider when choosing a Perfect co-founder for your Tech startup

The idea of this post come to my mind when watch some videos on  the  highlight of founder2b  of 2013 and 2014 on Youtube, one of the participant was ask what is he looking at when trying to choose a co-founder and he simply reply by saying he is looking for some with money, at that point i was like really and you are hoping to build a successful  startup.

Following this videos that i watch i tough it will be helpful if i write a blog post on the factors to consider when choosing a perfect  co-founder for your startup.This factors are PASSION and COMPLEMENTARY SKILL SET.


Passion Passion and Passion i repeat  three times, your co-founder must have passion for the startup idea you are working on and you must also have the passion for idea, because this is the only factor that keeps you going during the trying times, and am very sure you will not like your co-founder to leave during this trying time due to lack of passion on his part.


Your co-founder should have set of skills that complement yours, Are good at the technical side of startup, then it is advisable to find a co-fonder that is non-technical i.e business guy likewise for non-technical person.
This is really important because it allows both of you to  concentrate on certain aspect of the to startup.
Am going to stop here both i will love to hear from you.

But it will a good thing if both of you are good at each other side of expertise in case of any eventualities.

Is there any factor to  consider  that i did not mention here please share with us in the comment box below.
Thank you and have a greet day ahead.


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