Computer maintenance
Maintenance is the processes of keeping something in good condition by checking and repairing it regularly, considering the computer as a machine use in a day to day activity, there is need to maintain this machine as well, In this post maintenance of the computer system shall be discussed.

The computer comprises of two major parts, namely, the hardware part and software part, we can categorize computer maintenance base on this two main part
      This has to do with the maintenance of physical part of the computer system such as HARD DISK, RAM, CPU, DVD/CD, ROM, N ETWORK CARD, SOUND CARD, MOTHERBOARD, KEYBOARD and MOUSE, you can maintain this component by checking them regularly to make sure that they are in a good condition and to repair the part that are found to be faulty.
         Software maintenance has to do with checking of the software application package installed on your computer system, software are made to maximize the efficient used of hardware resource, this maintenance can be carry out with tools such as anti virus software, diagnostic  tools.
Software and hardware maintenance can be
·         Preventive maintenance
·         Corrective maintenance
Preventive maintenance
This is the measures carried out to prevent fault from occurring in the computer system , some example of what to done in preventive maintenance include checking and updating the anti-virus software to prevent unwanted treats from getting to the computer and also periodically blowing the motherboard using  blower to remove dirty on the board. These activities do not just stop the system from damage but it’s prevent them from occurring.
Corrective maintenance
   This comparises maintenance that is carried out on already occur fault in the computer, this maintenance include deleting viruses and warm in the computer system, re-installing the window operating system when it gets corrupt, replacing the random access memory {RAM} is bad with a new one, basically troubleshooting and repairs are categorized under corrective maintenance which will be discuss in other post.                       


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