How to Refill Printer Ink and Save Your Money

How to Refill Printer Ink and Save Your Money
·  First of all you must know that desk jet  printers is divided into two component
1.       Black and white cartridge
2.       Color cartridge
     Go to any computer accessories shop and buy desk jet cartridge refilling ink, you will need to buy both black and color, the black cartridge contain one syringe while the color cartridge contain three syringes namely yellow, magenta, and cyan.

Refilling Black Cartridge
1.       Switch on the printer
2.       Open the cover  to allow the cartridge to come to center, wait until the printer stop making noise [beep sound] and has stayed in the center
3.       Remove the black cartridge i.e. the small one
4.       Remove the round black pitch on the side of the cartridge facing up by using a sharp tool, use the enclosed pulp extractors or screw to remove the ball plug blocking the refill hole in the cartridge
5.       With the syringe, draw ink from bottle into the chamber of the syringe by drawing out the syringe plunger fully, now insert the syringe into the refill hole in the cartridge and depress the plunger slowly to dispense the proper amount of the ink into the cartridge.
6.       After refilling is completed, replaced the ball plug back into position and seal the black patch back into position by using glue or strong adhesives.
7.       Finally insert the cartridge back into the printer and start using your printer.
·  To refill the colored [yellow, magenta, cyan] cartridge
                   Follow the initial step for refilling black cartridge, you can also use this method to refill HP PSC 1510 all in one printers and any other kind of printers of the same type, since the syringe for refilling the colored is three you must use difference syringe for difference color of the ink and also note the quantity of ink you are applying in each so as one do not exceed other.

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