How to resolves errors during installation

Sometime you may have some issues during installation which you may have no idea about how to resolves it, these issues can be resolves by following this steps:

1.     Verify the program or utility documentations make no mention of the error you are experiencing. Many times the error and explanation to how to resolve the error are already documented.

2.     Verify no patch or updates are available from the developer of the program or utility. In some cases the software program may require an updated before it can be successfully run on your computer.
3.     Make sure all other program is closed when you run the program or utility. If the program successfully runs after closing all other programs, it’s possible that the program may have issues with other programs.
4.     Make sure the computer has been rebooted at least once after the program has been installed. In some cases it may be required.
5.     Verify your computer has the correct date. In some cases a program may rely on the date and if the date is incorrectly set it may cause issues.

6.     If you following the above recommendation and the issues is not resolves, re-install the program or utility.
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  1. Thats true info you gave hre Mr Mubitech.I have once encountered your 2nd and 5th point before.
    Better days ahead for your blog.

  2. Thank mr. Anniavi for coming by hope to see you soon,i hope this has helps you.


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