Top two places your computer should not be found there

I know many people might be thinking you can used your computer in any place, this is right but there are some place that you are not advice to used your computer, simply because these places post danger to the smooth running of your computer especially some important component, this two places are what am going to talk about today

  • Dusty environment
  • Watery environment
 Place where should not be found
  • Dusty Environment
Dust is one thing that some sensitive part of your computer don`t want to come in contact with, so using your computer in dusty environment can pose a thread to the normal functioning of the computer system, which I know you will not want that to happen, that is why it is very important to keep away your computer from dusty environment, this dust that you are seeing can damage the central processing unit, the cup fan, and even the motherboard itself because I have seen a case like that ,and there is another instant I have experience with another system that the dust make the system freeze and refuse to start up, but upon open the system I found that the system is full with dust, I use my blower to blow the system, close it together and power the system, the system start up almost immediately, so you see dust can cause  more harm to the normal functioning of your computer  more than you can ever imagine.

  • Watery environment

Yes using your computer in wet environment can be very dangerous because this computer that you are seeing is an electronic device that donot  in anyway need liquid to come in contact with it, thus it very important to keep your computer away from any liquid, I get to found out most people like eat and drink while using their computer especially when there are watching movie

This really not good for your computer and it is at your best intrest to keep away from it ,one damage that liquid can do when it enter into your computer is that it can damage some component part especially the hard drive, where you store your data which I know  you will not want that to happen, it`s simple logic stay away from watery environment when using your computer.

i hope this article has adds value to someone lift today,if you have any critisive about this post please post it in the comment box below

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