Scammers tactics you should not fall for

Scammers are devicing different and new tactics of scamming people, seeing that many of the tactic has been decoded and exposed and that many people are away of it,
But lately, scammers have been coming up with different tactics and tricks of making people fall for the scam.

That is why I decided to share with you some new tactics and trick that I observe lately, so that people will be aware of them, and not to fall for it.
This tactics and tricks

               this is one way that they try to trcks people to fall foe their scam, this message usually come throught text message with service providers name as the sender name, the text usually come with congratulatory words and that you have win sum of money, that you should call  a particular number to claim your money,

here is an example of such message I receive
“  Dear customer
 You have won N95000 of may promo your number was among the 10 lucky winners, please call the cashier officer to claim your money on 08093604180  ”
 This is a school boy tactics you should not fall for  no matter what because you know it period.

This is another way that they have device to scam people , I remember a friend of mine once told me of how they have been sending him call me back message for the past one week , but he refuse to call the number back, but one guy that was with us during the conversations as for the number , that he will the call the number, saying that he want to see how far is the sign, I openly told him to very careful about what is try to go into, because I know scammer of this day have sweat tongue that the can trill you to sacrum to the evil plan to scam you.
But at the end of the day, the guy did not call the number, so never you call a number that send you call me back message especially if the sender name is bunch of number, except if you know the number.


 This message usually come in form of friendship and sometime it come in a from that try to arose your sense of ugency in the sense that they send you a message that one of your close friend have just had an accidence, and that they need your help either in cash or kind, but what the will definitely fail to tell your is the name of the thst your friend, or even if the tell you the person name, immdiately you call that person you will find out that the person is fine, and the worse is that the will tell you that you are the only one they can reach at the moment.
How does that sound true right but that is pure scammer`s tactics of trying to scam you,

Another form of meassage that this scammer usually send throught  facebook is that they send your message bearing female name and with her pictures attarch to it, they will be telling how their father have die and left huge sum of money for her that is in your country ands that she need someone that will help her get the money down here in your country bla bla ,but I tell don`t even try to fall for that because it a pure tactics of scammer.

  •              E-MAIL MESSAGE

This is one of the popular tactics , the mail usually come with name and she will begin to tell you how she fall in love with you, that distance is not a barriers for love and all that sweat talks that will let you fall for the tricks and the funny part is that the will even atarch some of their pictures. 


This scammer knows how to attract petty to themselves in order to scam their simpertiazer E.g the recent “Bring back our girls ” campaign, some scammer have been busy send out spam mail message to to people claiming that they are victim who manage to excape, and that she need money to take care of herself throught all kind of channel to could reach
But you have to be aware of this kind of tactics, that is why this post is all about  tying to hightlight some of this tactics that this scammer use to get people fall fo their scam,
I will like to hear from you if you have any other tactics that I have not explain here please drop for other to know throught the comment box, and don`t forget to share this post with your friend using the social media channel buttom below thank you  and have a nice day ahead.

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