Dangers of Free Download on the internet

Free download is very good especially if you are the type that loves freebies, don`t you think they dose providing this free download have some interior motive for give all this things we download on the internet free.

Many time this free download are done in such a way that we give sometime thing like our e-mail, or we register with the site before we download this freebies.
Apart from all this things that we in exchange for this free download, i think there are other some effect that i personally observed and from stories of people who are so much addicted to this and this is the essence of this post.
Am about to list of some danger or effect of free download from the internet from the internet, this danger include

  • Adware and spyware infections

This are small programs that the programmer of this free software that you download from their website and there are install on your computer immediately you finished downloading from their website.
Adware is a kind of program that display advertisement when ever you browser with that computer that host the adware, the advertisement are normally display at the leftside and at the bottom side of the page you are viewing on the internet.
And normally the advertisement are normally retrieved from the server of the programmer of that adware.
This is kind of thing usually annoyed me because it choke up the page you are viewing and you have to delete the adware from the page before you can view the page properly.
Spywares is just another small program that monitor you activities on the internet and send the full details to the developer of the spyware, this kind of like spying you when ever you are on the internet doing something.
The best way to avoid this kind of things is to neither to stop downloading free software or better still make sure you trust the site you are downloading from is free from any interior motives.

Most of the viruses attacks usually comes from software we download free and if you are fortunate that you anti-virus software detect it, the moment it enter then you are save, but if it dose not, hmm the beginning virus destruction has just started on your computer.
The best way to prevent this is to stop downloading free things from any source that you do not trust, or if you know your anti-virus software is not up to date.

This some of the danger of free download that i personally observed, do your have any other danger of free download that i did not mention here if yes please rely them in the comment box .
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