10 Amzing Google Product

Google world largest and best search engine is really doing well in the technology landscape, In this  post, am going to share with you ten amazing google product that you can you to enchance you productivity and efficiency as individual.

This apps product are
This google allow you to create, document on the go, where ever you are in the world, you don't need to start looking for other document package, and the beauty of this app is that it can be access any form of internet enable device.


With this app you can create all you presentation slide, all you have to do is just login to your google account and go to google product, then click on SLIDE.
the app have so many other feature that can make your slide look so professional.it also allows you to upload your custom slide theme.

This app allows you to draw your diagrams and flowchart, and it has so many other powerful tools for editing diagrams and flowchart.
One amazing feature of this google app is that it allows you to share your diagrams for people to comment.

This app allows you to organize your schedule and share your event with your friend.

Google sheet allow you to create and organize your spread sheet,this is good idea because it allows you to keep all you spread sheet document in one place.

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This app allows to create form that can be used for anything that a normal form can do, this form makes it easy for you carryout online survey.

This app has the ability to translate file web pages and other document to over 50 different laguages across the world.

This allows you to carryout real video conversation in real time, all you have to do is let the person have the google account and then both of you can carry on with you conversation in real time.

This application allows you to create online discussion group,and this app is available on internet enable device.

Google books allows you to search books and magazine online.

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