3 Reason why you should join an early stage startup before building your company

There has been an argument going on in ecosystem about whether budding tech founder should first join an early stage company or join an incubator.
 Am not here to further deepen the issue, but today am going to share with you reason why join an early stage company is of more beneficial than joining an incubator

Joining an early stage company avails you the following opportunities
  • Understand the entrepreneurial approach to building a tech company
  This present to you an avenue to partake in the process of getting the startup going at the very early stage, from registering the company to building product, and traction channel used to get users and so many other activities that are carryout at the early stage.
 You also get to find out how the founder adjust to certain condition i.e doing almost all the job to keep the start up going and no forget customer support is very vital to the running of the company.
  • Product Development 
   Building of minimum viable product(MVP)  from scratch up to the point where product has reach the market fit, customer feedback loop and iteration of product, all this will be carryout in your presence, some of this thing will be done by you, or in a team,  you get involve in growth inline with product development strategy
  • Hiring Methodology
This where you get to understand different hiring methodology, some founder prefer to hire expert and give them share equity stake in the company while some like to hire intelligence and take them through what is need to done and allow them to learn fast, since the founder has done the job and understand what is needed to be done for the over roll growth of the company.
  • Funding
Joining an early stage start up avails you the opportunities to see how the founder goes about looking for fund for his company.
Some founder normally set some goals about on specific traction like the number of user sign up, apps download, and number of product sold, the moment this goal is acheived, the go out to  find an interesting investor.
You also get to how to write pitch presentation and how to approach and present these pitch to investors where the found you for certain percentage of your company.
  • Handling failure
Am not saying the start up you join will fail, but do some times this things are unavoidable especially when the is in the wrong market, or the company build a product that is looking for users needs to solve.
Handling failure is essential as a tech founder because of this is not what we expect to see out there, so it is important you get to understand how they handle failure in the company.
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