How to Create Shortcut of your Friends on WhatsApp

This is an awesome feature that i just discover recently on whatsApp, with this shortcut you can quickly respond to a friend message without having to open your whatsApp app.


 how this shortcut work is simple it's create a shortcut of your friend in form of an app in your front screen of your smartphone, enough of the stories let get started.

In this tutorial i will be creating a shortcut of my friend called Hala Blogger

STEP 1. On the whatsApp app locate the friend that you will like to create his shortcut and open chat zone, check the picture below


STEP 2. Tap on the last icon on your top right corner just after the icon that allows you to send media files, it should give sometime like this as shown below.


STEPS 3. On tapping that last icon on the top right, tap the last option which is MORE, some new option pop up , touch on the last option which is ADD SHORTCUT.


STEP 4: On touching this option, shortcut is automatically created on your front screen.


As you can see we have successfully created a short of friend name Hala Blogger.

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I sincerely hope you enjoy this tutorial, do you have any question with regard to this tutorial, please drop it on the comment box below, and i will surely see to it

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