Small Business Owner : How Well Are You Using the Social Media

 It is well known today that large percentage of internet users spend most of their time on different social media platform ranging from facebook, twitter linkIn and Instagram, enaging in different social activities, this trends has open up new business opportunities
 But the question is, as a small business owner how well are you using opportunity to grow your business, so might ask how can i use of this opportunity when the main essence of social media is to stay connected with love one, for your information social media has gone beyond that today.           
 Social media has grow beyond that since you can share, like, post, different things ranging from pictures to videos and other multimedia,imagine you post your nice picture of you self and people are just dropping comment and liking the picture.
 Think what will happen if  you post a picture of your latest product with little explanation on what the product does and you end  of having two or more client through just that post you drop on your timeline. this is what i call using the opportunity that social media present to us.

Here are some Strategy on how to grow your business using the social media

 1. Setup a free page for your business

   Social media platform like Facebook and twitter allow users to open fan page and handle for free, you can use that yourself or HIRE ME to do it for if are the busy type for just a token the moment you setup the page, you can go ahead to add all your friends to the page, and encourage them to share the page with their friends also.

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 You can actually let your customer that come to your business place about the new page you open on social media platform, and explain to them what you want to achieve exactly with the page.

 2. Use the social media as your customer support center
   If you are on twitter lately, am sure you have come across customer support handle of one of the telecom  giant what if you open you such handle and also do customer support center right on you customers favorite social media platform and increase your brand awareness for your business.

At least you have save your customers the stress of having to call or come in person to lay their the complain, how cool is that.

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Now that is what i called the using the opportunity that social media present to us, Are you currently
using the social media to grow your business if yes please share your story using the comment box

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