One Shocking Reason Why Pay on Delivery Must Stop

Payment method is one of the challenging issues e-commerce startup are facing, because of the kind society we are i.e slow in adopting new technologies, but sometimes i do think that e-commerce stores still doing pay on delivery are just in desperation to get customers but one thing i realize is that people in this part of the world prefer to pay and collect transaction.

But we are startup which mean we setup to disrupt the traditional way of doing thing. but i think founder must rise to the occasion and find solution that drive away this unsustainable business model  because it is not doing any good to our ecosystem

One of the reason why pay on delivery must die  is simple and straight forward, it is provide  0% chance of closing the deal, imagine your have to wait until the delivery man comes back from wherever he or she went to deliver a product to your customer before confirm an ordered has been completed, as a startup do you really thing you have that much time, i don't think you have.

 I have seen  in many different occasion where the delivery man brought the product and nobody is there to receive the good or the customer has change his mind with regard to purchase of the product after the logistics were used to reach him with the product, yet the deal is not completed.

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 Is this really how we want to run our e-commerce in the country seriously we need another alternative.

 There should be no rush to caption the largest market share because if large percentage of those customer decides to place an order on your store you cannot handle it,not even all the e-commerce store in the eco system can't handle it ( i.e imagine 1 million people place an order).

What is your take on this business model, should it continue or not.
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  1. Hello Mubarakl,
    It's nice you said your own view, but seriously, I think I won't concur to that.
    Last 2 month I purchased the Lumia 2520 from one of the top Nigerian e-commerce sites, and after they had delivered, I found out that the keyboard of this device wasn't charging, I had to change it, before they accepted to change it, it was hell, but all the same it was changed, and they brought me another one, this time, this one had software problems, I took it back, but they refused to collect it, until I told them I was going to write about them on my blog, and also let some of my colleagues do same.
    what I'm trying to say is that, sometimes, products you see online don't look the way they appear too, so should the customers be the losers here?

  2. Thank you Larry frank for stopping by .
    Most product we see online are not exactly the same way the appear offline. Especially now that everyone is venturing into e-commerce

  3. That's just it. Some commerce shops are fakers.
    I blogs at ShowboxMovies
    Have a nice day!


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