Technology Startup : Amazing ways to Grow in Your Early Days

 Growing your startup in the early days can be very challenging, but in my opinion that should not be problems because we have more than fifteenth traction channel you can utilizes to grow your startup .

  In this post today an going to highlight some various ways you can utilize to grow your startup, am assuming you are running your company on lean budget and your don't want to go through those expensive way to grow your company.

 so let get started

 1. Pitch your company to some technology blogs and forums

 This is a super free way of getting your startup some early adopters that can user your product, all you have to do is write a  good pitch explaining what your company does and the problem it is trying to solve and send them out to those blogs and  post it on forum that must of your target audience are present.

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 2. Go back to the people you talk to during your market research

   Immediately you lunch your product, find a way to let those people you talk to when carrying out   your market research because some of them might be waiting for your product to solve their pressing need and you can also get feed back from those customer that have used your product.

3. Talk to everyone that you come across.

   Some founder think the moment the get feature on that top technology blog that is all, people will begin to used their product, but sometime this does not happen that way, i particularly know a startup that got feature on on CNN, and the growth did not come, they have to go out and recruit them by hand.

You can increase the chance of people using your product amazingly by talking to everyone you meet about your product, the problem you are trying to solve, it can be people you meet at a birthday party, naming ceremony and the host of other event that you are available to attend, the bottom line is simple try as much as possible to let people know about your startup.


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 4. Announce it at your club and society you belong to .

    This can be super effective way to get new customer to use your product, how this work is usually done when your club is holding it general meeting and after the meeting you can ask for an audience from the ex-cos and used that medium to effectively let them know about what you are doing

  i personally try this in the early days of my tech blog during one of Enactus meeting and it work effectively.

  Do you have any other ways technology startup can grow in their early day please drop it in comment box and don't forget to share this post on social media using the social bottom below.

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