Technology Startup: How to Hire the Best People For Your Company

 Building a successful technology company cannot be done by a single person, that is why it is very important to take your time and hire the best people that can fellow you through the journey. learning how to hire is something you cannot learn all at once but you can learn from experience as a startup founder.

 This post is not exactly going to tell you steps on how to hire, but instead am going to take you through some characteristics of people you should consider hiring in your company

 so let get started

 1. Passion and believe in what you are doing

    To building a great company you need employees that believe in what your company stand for and are willing to stay no matter the storm, it is very important from the beginning you try your best to find people that have passion in them and the simple way  to do this is to  trust your gut and it will lead you to the right person

 2. Do the get things done quickly and smart

   You need people that get things done in a very short period of time and are smart at what ever the are doing, you can simple find people that they have work for before and try as much as possible to dig deep on their behavior at work, approach and how quick do they get things done with efficiency.

   You should also ask him how quickly he get things done and let your instincts to judge if he is fit to work for your company

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 3. Check their previews project

   You really want to get a touch on the project they have done to ascertain if the are really fit for the job your are offering them, your work is not to look as many  work as possible but to look few and ascertain their quality.

 4. Try working with them on a project before hiring

    Working with them on a project gives you an insides to how they work, access the smartness in gotten things done very quickly and efficiently, as you know working very fast is one of the vital asset of startup's, having someone that can adopt quickly and work really fast and efficiently is your ideal employee.
 Other things to look out for includes

 * Communication skill

    You will not want to hire someone who cannot communicate effectively what the problem is and how to come up with a solution.

some founder take this very serious because effective communication with you team makes everyone understand the mission and the work at hand, having employee with good communication skill is plus to the team which mean at every point in time there will be no bridge in communication

  * Learn fast
   having an employee that can learn new technology is very vital to the team and it is advisable to have employees have certain technical know how of what their other team member is doing in case of any eventuality.

  Lastly Mediocre engineer do not build great companies  

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