Before Placing That Online Advert: Consider This Five Incredible factors

I know every business owner want to place advert online because of the massive audience residing over their, i strongly advocate that you go online because of the long time benefits you can drive for yourself and your business.
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  But today am going to discuss some factors you should consider and strategically plan them before placing that online advert that will bring those extra thousand customers.

These factors consider are:
  1. The Platform You are Placing your Advert.
  There are different platform where online audience reside ranging from social media site, to blogs, discussion board or forum, bookmarking portal, online gaming site, and so many others.

You need to carefully exams some of this platform and figure out the kind of audience that goes to the platform, having this at hand you can compare them with your customer personas and see if the platform has the massive number of your target audience that will eventually makes your online advert a successes.

     2. Target Audience Personas.

In any kind of advertisement,it is very important to know who your target audience are,with this you can try and come with customer personas if you haven't done that.

 What i mean by customer personas is the things that your customer do, where the live, what make them happy,how is their shopping habits, their needs and want, sometime their financial status,you need to write this down, although some of this you might not know them, you can carryout a research and find out some of this things.

   Some strong entrepreneur actually write out their customer personas and their needs, before even trying to figure out where their target customer hangout online.

Having this target audience personas, it will be very easy to figure out which platform is perfect to place that target ads.

   3. Metric Measurement

 You know online advertisement is highly metric driven,so it up to you to choose which platform has the massive audience that will drive the need traffics to your site.

  Online  advertisement  must  have a target objective either it is making user to sign up for your newsletter, complete a form, or buy a product on landing on your site.

  I strongly advice you to chose a platform that give you value for your money by providing you with necessary metrics about how well your advert is doing.

    4. What Action do you want them to carryout.

   Yes, you must strategically plan out what exactly you want your target customer to do on landing to your website from the advert and this is largely determine by the goal you set for the online campaign.

Assuming you run an e-commerce store that sell shoes online, am very sure your online advert is solely aim at driving sells on your store,this can be achieve by curving an awesome landing page.
this bring us to the last point which is .

  5. Landing Page

    Landing page should  be structure in such a way  that it allows your target customer to carryout the action you want them to do (i.e as explain in the point 4 above).

  Your landing page should be have a clear call to action structure in such a way that it is easy for them to see and free from distraction, you may include a search bar and a customer support number to help them if their is any problem.

With this factors carefully plan, am very certain that your online advert will be a huge success.

I hope this post have give you a better perspective on how to go about your online advertisement, don't worry more post are still coming on online marketing campaign and other digital marketing article that will help your  business.

Do you have any question or suggestion, please drop it in the comment section and don't forget to share this post with your friend on the social media using the social icons below.

Thank you.

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  1. You have just kill it, not just placing ads but placing it in the right platform.

    1. Placing advert in the right place ensure you reach out to your target audience and have maximum value for your money in the long run. Thank you for dropping by,
      Good morning

  2. Replies
    1. Arinze thank you, hope to see some other time


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