Wrong Things Internet Marketer do with email marketing

The rate at which  internet marketing use emails to carryout their marketing campaign has increase in the last decade as we know money is in the list of emails you have at your disposals.

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Today am going to share with you the wrong things internet marketer do with email marketing so let get started

  This is top of my list of wrong things they do, it is really annoying when you see the way internet marketer go about buying any emails list the lay their hands on.

how sure are you that the list you are buying has target customer you are trying to reach with your product, and was the email gotten with the permission of the owner or gotten illegally.

You see must internet marketer are in desperation to make money quickly which results into broken down of trust an online user have in them by supplying them with email details with the assurance that it will not be share or sell.
but in  turn, go the other way round and sell those emails list to other hungry marketers who are looking for quick way to rich.

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 Have you ever receive two or more mail with the same content but different senders address on it. yes these are the kind of the people am talking about and most annoying thing about this things is the keep spamming you with same mail over and over gain, i guess the needed respond that the want to see is not forth coming.

but thank god emails service providers are constantly increasing the spam filter to a level that cut down these individuals, but sometimes these marketer find way around the spam filters.

3.Refusing to Accept Users Unsubscribe Request
     This is another crime that these marketer commit, whenever you unsubscribe to their list, it's just like you are wasting your time, because the wound accept it. when a user don't want to  receive your newsletter anymore  and you keep sending it to them, how on earth do you expect them to buy your product or attend your workshop.

You see email marketing is not an overnight success of  thing, it take time and effort in order to build that list, but once you build it through a legitimate way, you will surely reap it benefits

 The best way to get these users emails is consistently offer value to them through the blog, an online users will be happy to provide you with his emails after seeing the quality you are offering on your blog
Did you know of any wrong things internet marketer do with email marketing, please drop them in the comment section below.
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  1. This is an eye opener, imagine you buy non existing email? You can create your own email list for a targeted products that way 80% of your goal will be achieved.

  2. This Internet marketers are really pissing me off with all this there useless email, the best way to handle them is report them as spam.

  3. Yes, thank you for stopping by

  4. Is quite annoying and most time I ignore or even delete them almost immediately. They should just better get valid and interested users

  5. Definately favour, buying emails list that contain customer base that are interested in what you are doing is total waste of time and resources.i hope the will realize that.


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