Wrong Things New Blogger Do in The Blogsphere

The Internet has disrupt expression of opinion and views on what happening around us. though blogging is one of the most medium, every day new blogs are been created for one reason or the other, but are these blogs created for the right reason.
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Today am going to share with you some wrongs things  i notice new bloggers make in the blog sphere, am not here to intimidate anyone but am only trying to point out the wrong things and how to fixed them.
 so let get started
  •  Creating Multiple blogs
   Because of the low bearier  to entry with regard to starting a blog, many new blogger thinks they can run two or more blogs at a time. I have once feel this way at some point in my blogging career, some pro bloggers have fall a victim of this during the early days also, and they learn the hard way, i really do not want you to learn the hard way.

  One vital solution is to ensure you are not following the buzz and trend of the happening things, stay focus with one blog at a time you truly believe in it.
  •  Writing About Anything Under The Sun
  This is one thing i found so bizarre with new blogger, writing about anythings you feel like will not do you any good except if you intend not to take your blogging career and turn it into business.
 In the world of digital marketing, it is very important to narrow you view to some thing you love and have passion for, the more you write on a particular topic, the more people will see you as an expert in the particular topic, this is what you need to start working on from day one of your blog.

Check around and look at the top blogs you know, am very sure you find out that most of them focus on one particular topic, this is where a niche comes in, you should be able to chose a niche that is in line with your passion, these will ensure you keep pushing doing the rough time.
  •  Not Having a Clear Goal
   Having clear and well defined goal before you start blogging set you on a clear path, because everything you do will be gear toward achieving those goals,  remember in order to be on the right navigation path, you must get goals.
  • Build It And They Will Come Mentality
   This is an old saying and i guess even those that bring this ideas to live will tell you is not true in this era that we are, strategically plan on how to get your blog out their to your target audience, engage yourself  other blogger in your niche by dropping useful comment on their blog, guest post on blog that are higher than your in terms of audience engagement.
  • Not Having a mentor
  Many new blogger feel they can do it along without the guidance of other top bloggers who have pass through the path they are trying to follow.  Having a mentor is a must in my opinion, because a mentor is someone who will see you through the journey and advise you on the necessary things you need to do in order to reach the top.

I  hope this little write up has help some one, drop your comments,suggestions and questions in the comment box below and don't forget to share using the social icons below.
 Thank you.
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  1. Hehehe you're just right this happened to me when I started but I have come to realize that the best thing is to fall in love with the niche you blog about and see how things changes.

    1. Yes, almost everyone has fall a victim of one of this, that is why it is good for new blogger to avoid them at all cost.

  2. We will adjust, thank for sharing this wonderful article.


    1. Am glade this has help you Abdul, hope to see you again.

  3. I went through that road.. Even got confused on which to go for. Thanks for i finally found my niche


    1. Thank you for stopping prologga, anybody that fellow that road will know what am saying, that is why it is very important for new blogger to be aware of this when starting.

  4. Wouldn't blame them much, we all learn from experience. One must stay focus and write about what they love and have passion in on their blog. But most bloggers lately just copy and paste content from other blogs to theirs, meaning spending less time to write their own content so they can get to manage atleast 3 blogs, ones that are usually temporary. Thanks for sharing these tips, many will find these useful.

    1. Grace thank you for stopping by, we will continue talk about this so that each one of us can learn from it, although i agree with you on the experience, what a nice blog you go, have a nice day ahead


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