How to Ensure Strong Privacy Control On Your Social Media Account

 This is something i always wanted to write about due to increasing level of privacy issues with social media, social media is one of the incredible things to have ever happen to our generation with regard to the way we communicate with others. User privacy is something that the big player in the industry have been trying to ensure it is right, today am going to to share with you some tips on how to have a strong privacy on your social media account.

  •    Ensure You know Your Status Update Position With Regard To Privacy
 What you share or say on social media can be seen by all or your friend only, it is important to determine this, like for example as a blogger i will like all my status update to be seen by everyone since i can use it to promote my blog post in order to gain traffic to my blog.
 but i don't know for you, public or private is up to you to decide, and this can be  done on all social media platform.

  •    Watch What You Say About Your Personal Life On Social Media
 This point is something that must people keep doing on social without care or caution, the point highlight above will go to large extend in explaining this point, whether your status update is private or public, sharing your personal information and activities must be done with extreme care and caution, you don't know who might be watching you.
I remember a story of a guy who posted on his Facebook account that he will be out of town, two hour after he left, thieves enter into his apartment, when they were apprehended, the told the law enforcement agency that the got to know he will out of town through his Facebook
account status update.
There are so many other story like that, choose wisely about what you share about yourself on social media.

  •  Pay a Visit To Your Privacy Setting On Your Social Media Account
   social media platform has give us am ample opportunity on how to control our privacy on their platform, you can head to privacy option and control your privacy to your desire.

 Overall our privacy online our sole responsibility and we must do everything we can to stay safe.
what other ways can we strengthen our privacy on social media.
Do you have any other tips you can share with us on this topic. please drop them on the comment box below.
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  1. Thanks for this article, let me go any check my privacy settings in all the social media.


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