Co-Founder Combination: The Perfect One

 Building a technology company requires a strong commitment from the founder, thus some people are of the opinion that it is impossible to build it alone to the point of scale, this is where the issues of finding a good co-founder that has skill set that complement yours.
Today post is not going to addressing the issue of going for technical or marketing co-founder. in everything we do in this life we aim at perfections, for those reason, technology founder must strive hard to get near perfect co-founder for their new venture.
   Today am going to share with you three combination of co-founder that formed a perfect team. i know it is really hard to get co-founder this day, especially now that everyone is trying to build his own thing. If you strive to get this combination of people in your team in early day, am certainly sure with dedication, passion and shared bit of luck you can build a long lasting company in the tech space, this combination of co-founder consist of
Some people might ask why should they be part of co-founder since the are head of this various sections, yes that is true, but putting them as co-founder and give them eqauty in the company is what make the perfect combination with each of them having skills set that complement each other, your startup is surely up for a big start. let see how each individual contribute to formed the perfect combination of co-founder.

CEO /Co-founder

 The chief executive officer is the one that brought the idea of the startup, such a person must be passionate about everything that  has to do with the product. His perfection into this combination comes into play in the sense that he has great insight on how the product should look like,ability to understand what the customer want and interpret it into the product development what is he or she brings in to the table.

CTO /Co-founder

  Chief technical officer is the one behind the back end and design of the product, what he bring to the team is his in depth knowledge on how the product are develop,from the design, algorithms, architecture and implementation and improvement of products and his ability to understand and interpret what the CEO want on the product.

CMO /Co-founder

   This is the brain behind sales and marketing of the finish product, a chief marketing officer who have an in depth knowledge of digital and offline marketing is a great advantage to the team,what he or she bring to the table with regard to perfect combination is his ability to listen to what customer are saying about the product and he how to market it to them and in turn properly communicate it back with team for onward review and possible implementation.
you don't necessary have to look for someone that has great sales skill like the late steve job but his ability to listen and properly market the product set him apart and the unique angle he brought with regard to growth of the startup.
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 So there you have it, i know personally getting this people to formed your team in the early days is very hard and one must treat it with caution in order not to end up with a crock whose motive is to work again you.
 With this my little in sight and research once you are able to have this set of personality as your co-founder for your startup, you will be out with something big in to the market.
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