Four Monetization Channel You Shuold Consider For your Startup Idea

Having a monetization channel for your product is very important in the early day thus it allows you to examine channels is suitable for your idea and which is no., Don't worry today am going to explain four monetization channels you can select and implement  for your new start up idea, although each of this channels comes with it own challenges.

So let get started.
  •   Freemium
 This channels comprises of free and premium module, the free is for low end users and the premium is for power users who can afford to pay for your product, usually  everyone is set on the default  free module when they register for the product, which has some limited features and along  the way premium module is advertise to them  that has the full features of the product and other added benefits, technology start ups like Spinlet, olx and jiji all implement this channels.
  •  Ads Base
This is where you give your product for free and in exchange you place some target adverts on the products, not quiet some many start up have following this channels , maybe due to the fact that it's take long period of time to gather huge audience, most start up that do fellows this channel have large users engagement that allows advertiser can see value for their money, start up that used this
 channels include Facebook, twitter, Techcabal, and not forgetting this blog.
  •  Premium
 From the word premium you can relate it to something that has to do with payment for a particular service or products, if you have a product and you don't want to wait for long period of time before those cash start to come in, them you should sell your product on the go, start ups consider premium as the best channels, most B2B start up prefer this channel then followed by freemium,  Startup that use this channel include Uber, Afro ,Betasms  
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  •   Subscription base
 This channel normally works with start up whose product usually go around for regular update, by subscribing you get the full access to the additional update and pitch that further enhance the performance of the product.

Now you are set to go ahead and choose any of these channel and implement it on your startup idea, don't forget to drop us line in the comment box about what you feel about this post
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  1. Nice one, They must be an alternative in monetization..


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