How to Build An E-commerce Platform For Your Offline Store

 If you are thinking of creating an e-commerce platform for your offline retail store, then you are at right place because this post is perfectly made for you.every Nigerian retail store owner should be thinking of building his own retail store online or he will be left out on the digital train because consumers are beginning to get users to a habit of shopping from the comfort of the room and have it deliver to the doorstep.
 In this post today I am going to explain to you how you can strategically build your online store, let dive into the real deals of the day.
  • Research you current and prospective customer
This can be done in form of Q and A,or one on one if you  have enough time at your disposal, get their views about the online store you are about to build, as we all know everything you are doing is for the customers, it is very critical to carry out this task as the outcomes of it alone can determine whether to move to the next stage of your research and planning.
  • Research Other Offline Stores that have e-commerce Platform.
There must be one or two people in your line of business that has an online platform for his offline store,if eventually there is none, then you can decide to take the challenges and become the first mover in the field or go the other way round. if you eventually find someone that has an e-commerce store,you can go on an extensive research on them and their platform in order to figure out their challenges, and how the overcome it. this is to give ideas of what you are about to deal with in the coming days ahead,
  • Contact a Freelancer developer or a web development firm
After finishing of one of the vital things in your quest to build an e-commerce store which is research, it is now time for developer to start doing his work, bearing in mind that you have all the necessary requirement that the developer needs such as product picture, contact information, account information, customer care support center details and rest.
picking a developer for this kind of project has to be done with caution,going through his portfolio is not enough, carry out an extensive research on the developer or firm you are about to pick in order to figure out if  he has done this kind of project before, and how capable and experience he is in the web development space.
 At this junction, you can seat and wait for the developer to finish his work, and hand over the platform to you. for the next phase of your project, which is marketing and forming a team that will handle the activities of the e-commerce store.In the coming  days, i will write a post on this issues and how to handle them effectively.
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