How to Find a Co-founder For Your Technology Startup

Getting a co-founder for startup in the early day is very important especially if you are lucky to find someone that has skills set that complement yours.In this post, i am going to highlight four place you can go in order to  find co-founder for new venture.

 Finding a co-founder is what make many people refuse to pick their idea and begin to work on it, if you fall under this categories of people and you are reading this post,then you are in the right place, let get started.
You Can Find a Co-founder Through The Following Ways


Yes, school is a very good place to find a co-founder, but he question must people will ask is how can school provide me with one,well you can find someone through alignment with other that share the same interest with you.if you are one of those geeks that like to talks about programming and design, then looks around and surely you will find someone that share the same interest with you.
i believe school Can provide you with ample opportunity to get to meet different people from different background and orientation, with this you can spend at least two to three year with someone that has similar interest as you.


Attend your industry event and meetup, this is a place to also find a co-founder for your technology startup, In this place you find people with diverse interest that you can mingle and if possible server as opportunity to work on some thing you guys are passionate about.These meetup serves as a networking platform to meet and share your interest with other attendees and get to meet other with similar interest as you, from there you never know if that might be the person you  will build your new venture.


 We have seen many former employment coming together and start a new technology startup i.e,, start at where you are currently working and interact with your co-worker, many founder of big giant technology companies  find their Co-founder through their former employment, it is all about finding someone you share the same interest and passion and also trust, eventually you can start from their.


 Yes, you can find a co-founder online, i know some people will not agree with me,but it is possible and this is happening in other part of the world, online forum like founder2be and technology blog communities like techcabal rader have a hole lot technology savvy entrepreneur that you can utilize and find someone with similar idea and interest as you and start something, it all about trust and each of you contributing equally to the growth of the startup.

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So there you have it, it is important to note that all of these places must be fellow with caution in order not to end of with someone that will work again you and co-founder relationships is all about trust,and if this is not in place then, find a way out, even if he share the same interest as you.
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  1. To me school and events is the best and suitable place to find co-founder.

    1. Many people choose school, but your current employment is also a good place to find one,
      Thank you for stopping by.


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