How to Keep Tabs on Your Boyfriend Secretly

While you might have tons of qualms about keeping tabs on your boyfriend secretly, he might have none of those when it comes to cheating in you. Therefore, the moment you get rid of such moral objections and get off of your high horse, you will find that there are countless ways you can do so without giving yourself away.

Spy applications happen to be the best way to look into somebody’s private affairs without giving yourself away because of its stealth mode feature. Not only does it not show up on the target device’s app list but it is practically untraceable anywhere on the device at all. Yet there are few things you should keep in mind before you start using it. Such as:

Check the Law

So, the very first thing you have to do when it comes to spying on your boyfriend is check what the law in your state has to say on it. Parents have a legal right and authority to look into their child’s affairs and belonging via monitoring apps and spouses share everything with each other, meaning that by law they are allowed to monitor each other as well with spy apps. But, when it comes to a relationship like the one between and girlfriend and her boyfriend, it changes things because legally, such a relationship has no standing. Thus, it will be in your best interest if you look into the fact that whether your state allows you to snoop in this way on anyone or not.

Choose a Good Spy App

Choosing is a good spy application is like choosing that perfect little black dress, since every girl needs one in case of emergency. Therefore look for one that is the most compatible with you and the target device. It not only has to offer a good deal but it also should be one of the best and highly reviewed, praised and used apps in business. A few good spy apps are:
•    TheOneSpy
•    mSpy
•    FlexiSpy
•    MobiStealth

Install Spy Application

Once upon a time people used to believe that since only the secret service agents like the ones that work for the CIA and MI6 they must be super hard to manage and operate. Well, the internet was once a medium for the military to exchange messages safely and almost everyone of us is a pro at handling it so why wouldn’t we be able to do the same for spy applications. Additionally, the tech gurus out there have made spy applications pretty easy to use and handle that probably anybody out there can handle as easily as counting to 10. All you have to do is download the spy application and install it onto the target device and voila! You are all good to go. Now all you need is the Login ID and password provided by the spy app manufacturers and that it is. You can use it to access it from any device, anywhere in the world.
Start Monitoring
Once you have done all you need to do in order to get hold of in the inner workings of your boyfriend’s mind and cellphone, now it high time to reap the benefits. Spy applications allow you to look into your boyfriend’s
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Text and Call Logs

Any spy application can give you an insight into the inner workings of the target device. From call logs to message and email logs, you can get a 20 on their 20. But the thing is, most spy apps will tell you only the frequency of a certain number calling or texting the target device but a good spy app like TheOneSpy will also let you listen in to a live call in real-time and notify you every time a call is sent or received.
•    Contact List, Reminders and Calendar Entries
Spy apps will also give you an insight into your boyfriend’s contact lists as well as the various reminders and calendar entries programmed into the device. This way you’d actually know where the place they said they’d be on a particular day or time corresponds with what is stored on the device.

Bugs and GPS Trackers

Other things that can help you keep an eye on your boyfriend and virtually follow him everywhere is by using Camera and Mic Bugs and GPS Trackers. They can not only allow you to follow their real-time location using a GPS tracker from anywhere in the world but also let you listen in to conversations taking place around the target device by remotely accessing the microphone on it and also take pictures from the front and the back camera to capture the surroundings of the target device.
These are a few methods that can give you a virtual insight into the inner workings of the target device and make sure that your boyfriend is not doing something he shouldn’t in secret.

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  1. To me I can't shy on my partner because if you're looking for something you must find one. The app is good for parents.

    1. Parents can also use this apps to monitor their children remotely

  2. This app can monitor all the activities of targeted smartphone. Best for parental mobile monitoring and kids security indeed.

    1. Definitely kids of this days needs seriously monitoring because of the social misconducts going on in our society

  3. Is it legal to spy on someone without their consent? If at any point there is a need to spy on your partner, then I strongly believe that it isn't a relationship you should be in.

  4. Interesting article, I'm more than a year spying on my girlfriend, because I'm very worried about her. I have installed this software I once has witnessed SMS fraud. It is good that I found out about these sms and did not give this to happen.

    1. Thank you Randy Ford for stopping by and dropping this valuable comment. but we need to be careful with some of this tactics because of privacy issues

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