Three Question For The Enterpreneurial Minds

Everyday successfully peoples both in business and career are preaching the importance of starting a business among our teaming unemployed youth, since the, there are no jobs to accommodate them. this is a welcome development as it's will make our idle youth  more engage and have no time for social vises. both I think we are missing something here because our youth that have
interest in business is waiting for some big investor to pump money for them before the can start their own business and entrepreneurship preacher are not addressing this problem head on.
starting a tech business and the enterprenerial mind

 Today I Have Three Question For The Entrepreneurial Mind

  • Those Money Proceed Idea
I have been wondering if any of you have taken the time to analyses the problem of money before idea. many of you are waiting for money before start your business, there is nothing wrong with this, but problem is seating down with no proper idea of the kind business you want to run, this is very bad for you, and the truth is that no investor will put money in you hands if you don't have proper plan and idea of the business you want to run.

 Now the first thing you have to do is find an ideas of the kind business you want to run, and the best way to find this is to look around  and figure out which problem people are facing around your community and write a plan on the ideas of the kind of business you want to run that will solve that problem, thus enabling people to pay you for a solution you deliver to their problems.
 Find a problem and solve it, I bet you will never run out of business again.
  • Can  Fun Welcomes The  Difficulties Of The Journey.
 Nothing in this life comes easy, am very sure you know this, which is why I encourage you to curve a niche for yourself in the area of your passion because building a technology startup in Nigeria is very difficult to compare to any other place in the world.
Fun is what comes out of these difficult days of the journey, as a startup founder every day you are faced with a new problem, it is left for you find the driving energy to keep you going, this energy  can only be gotten if only you are doing something you have Passion for.

  •   Do You Need An Office Space?
    This question is linked to the first question above, when you are starting out, does office space matter to you i guess you will say yes, but the truth is that you don't need an office space to begin a tech startup. many people have started this startup thing from their home and have worked hard to satisfy their target audiences. as a startup founder, in the beginning, everything that matter is finding a way to satisfy your market and quickly scale, other than this, no nothing matters

This three question  goes out to you, think about it and let me hear your answers in the comment box below,
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  1. The above questions are very important, like you rightfully said, as a starter office space are not necessary, get it on first and every other things follow


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