8 Books Every Technology Startup Founder Must Read.

So many of us have studied textbook about different theories in colleges and university that tells us how to go about doing things on our different field of study, as an entrepreneur myself reading books about entrepreneurship and life has really helped my life in a different way, my thinking about life has changed. As technology founder reading books is a must for you because books expand your mind from viewing things from the narrow perspective,which is why you must read this entrepreneurial and personal development books.
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 These books am about to share with you are not all about a theory of science or art, they are books that talk about the different aspect of entrepreneurship from the experience of other and authors of the books.

Today am going to share with you eight books every entrepreneur must read especially technology founders, you must read this books more once to fully understand what the books are all about and applied what you have learned into your entrepreneurial life.

Here Are The Eight Books

1. Traction weimberg
This book talks about different strategy and ways to get traction for your startup, it is a must read for all.

    2. Traction Channels
In this book, over 19 traction channels were discussed, the book share inside how different startup use one of this traction channels or the other to scale their company, bulls eyes framework of testing different traction channels on a small scale to find out which one work best for their startup was discuss.

Finally the book talks about importance of running product development and traction channels testing at the same time, definitely, this book is a must read for every startup founder and those wanting to start a technology venture

    3. High Output Management
If you are about to scale your startup to something big that required a few management structures, this book is well suited for you, it explains everything you need to know to maximise the output of the team.

    4. Predictable Revenue
This book talks about carving a business model and sales from the prospect of using the effecting strategy that aligns your product  to those that need it in order to solve their problems. if you have a product that is solving a pressing need of people, then this book is a must read for you.

    5.Competition Demystified
 The book dive in depth on how different big companies use the different strategy in order to beat their competitors. it is particularly important for the entrepreneur in a much-saturated market.

    6. The hard things about hard things
I have not read this book but I will, this is particularly important for budding tech founder thinking of starting one, it's trying to explain to us what we are about to get our self into and the fact that it is not all rosy as the media has showcased it.
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     7. The Everything Store
This book talks about the life history of the founder of amazon from the perspective of his entrepreneurial journey. if you are an entrepreneur wanting to venture into the e-commerce space,  this book is a must read for you as it spells the ups and down of the amazon founder in his quest to build world largest e-commerce store, I actual go to know about this book from former KONGA CEO Sim Shagaya.

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    8. Founders at Work
The book is about interviews with at least more than ten technology founder about how the started, the difficulties of the journey and advice the have for those wanting to start.

 This books interview the likes of Wozniak the co-founder of apple, there is an interview that particularly cut my eyes which is the one with the founder of blogger.com who has to fire all the team member because there was no money in the bank to pay them and he has refused to monetize blogger, all in the process none of his users know what was going on until he opens up to them.

As a startup founder or budding one reading this books will open your minds to so many things and ways to structure your business in a better approach, it is not rosy as the media as showcase it.
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