Code Pyramid Report

The event at the beginning looks discouraging due to the low turn out which we actually anticipate that, but when the event kick start, the people started that coming and it becoming like they are waiting for us to start before they come in.
The event saw techie from the different part of the city and even from Kaduna.
we start up the event by introducing ourself to the house and it was fellow up by a keynote address by the organiser,
from their, we go into the event proper with discussion around technology happening in other place and the peculiarity scenario of kano environment in differentiating us from those other place, the ceo of whyfanet solution talks about he the
different nature of the people here and the slow adoptation of technology and the need to us to think this we and pay more
attention on publicity of our work, said the blogger at() talks about the need for us to show the people what iss possible in
technology by way of showing them other within us whos have suceed doing this technology of a thing.
the ceo of motion picture talks about about the need for documentation of the group and this willing willigness to invest
in startup from kano, he also promise to provide us with a space for our next month meetup.

the next thing on our agender for the day was discussion that is center around how to building solution for our location market,
here paticipant put more impersese on the need to problems that people are willing to pay for a solution for it, the collaboration
and the need for developers to collaborate on project, this is rise due to the fact that developers some time get stock on
their way to building a product and just dump it instread of looking for a seconf guys that can collaborate and finish up the
the second to the last dicussion was center around during up a road map for the next event, which participant all around on the
date for the next month meetup and .
th last thing on the list of activities for the day is networking and partnership with in participant.
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