Is Investment a Prove of Your Ideas?

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During the course of the week, I meet someone (not mentioning name) talking about how
Startup founders and entrepreneurs are jumping the gun trying to get investment for their products after a certain traction or growth.
This made me to ask this question, do you need investment to prove your ideas to the market ?

you can do without it, I know we are in a place were we widely celebrate investment round, which is quite understandable looking at the ecosystem in northern part of Nigeria.
As an entrepreneur I know it is not easy to bootstrap your startup to profitability without any
external fund coming in, but am of the opinion that if your product is really solving a pressing need of your user and the market is large enough, you will be fine without any investment as your users will certainly make you stay in business.

Perhaps our entrepreneurs have to stop putting their mind that an investment will come when they are starting out, instead, they should focus on revenues they generate and use it to bootstrap their startup to profit startup, eventually they will need external funds if they are looking to run fast and break things. One of the  most email marketing companies MailChimp is a clear example of how you can get traction to move your startup up the hill without having investment by solving real problems faced by your users.
From the word go, we all should focus on customer money and not investors money, as investors are also focussing on customer money to double their own in the long run.
Now let me ask you again .
Do you need investment to prove your ideas?
Use the comment box below and let the conservation begin,
I will available to reply your thought in the comment section

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