The Idea is Around You

Many people ask this question about how to get started and where to find ideas in almost all fire chat session and technology event and other simple think you have to be super talented before you can start and find ideas.

So many top industry player has to try to give an answer to this question in a different way when talking about how to start working on your idea, the best way to go about this is just to write it out, draw how the ideas will solve the problem and start to code it, if you can't code find someone that can code and partner with him.

On the issues with ideas, I think the best way to do that is to look around you, there are more than enough you can pick and solve a problem with it.

 Many founders that have done great have found their ideas from problems they encounter around them.
We are faced with a lot of problem in our daily lives, it is the work of you as an entrepreneur to find a lasting solution to them, ask people about the problem they encounter in their daily lives and see if they will accept a solution to it.

The other day, I wanted to go and watch the classico match, on reaching the viewing center, the place was crowded, peoples are literary struggling and fighting to get into the viewing center.

And I said to my myself what if the is a web or mobile apps that allow us to book a ticket and pay online such that the moment we reach the viewing center, all we have to do is to present a unique code sent to our phone that confirms our ticket payment, and at their end they can use a system to
verifying ticket payment at the viewing center.

This is a problem I see in my immediate community and I look forward to solving it, with technology ideas, it gives you an open hand to pivot when the is no market for your product, stops searching online for ideas, looks around you,

 They are so many opportunities that you can utilize to your advantage if you are stock and
don't know where to start, worry no more, because you can literally start by the question how things are done around you and begin to think other ways it can be done, at this point it is more of brain power, draw out another way a specific problem can be solved.

Many entrepreneurs like to ask questions about what they see around them, from  that point more solution to a problem will come and you will be amazed at how you come across those ideas.

What problem can you see around? if you can find a solution to that problem, then you just have an idea at hand to start working on.
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